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Patrick Gmür Will Give a Workshop about Housing Projects

Residential Design Specialty

Patrick Gmür, professor at ETH/Zurich and one of the most prestigious architects in the world, will give a workshop about housing projects during the next MCH/ETH course year.

Deep Housing Experiments


Andrea Deplazes dives into Deep Housing again with the help of Fernando Altozano to further investigate about this topic.

Deplazes: deep plan houses

6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24m. Depth as a starting point to understanding housing. Andrea Deplazes has gone further in his shared research with Fernando Altozano and urged students to find out what is common to each depth in the series presented above.

Andrea Deplazes, invited Workshop Leader 2012

“Architecture has fundamental prerequisites, a kind of mechanics of architecture, which includes a material vocabulary (modules)…

MCH2011 Rosario Segado will work for Deplazes

Rosario Segado will be moving to Graubünden, one of the largest cantons of Switzerland, to work for Bearth & Deplazes Architekten.

Andrea Deplazes’s Workshop 2011

Prof. Deplazes, in collaboration with Fernando Altozano has dealt with housing building depth. Each group has explored a different depth and pushed the housing type to its limit. Participants have craeted an incredible taxonomy built from failed and successful trials. 

MCH 2011 Open Conference: Andrea Deplazes

Swiss architect Andrea Deplazes (Bearth & Deplazes) will be opening the 2011 MCH open conference series on 16th March. The event will take place at Aula Magna in ETSAMadrid (Architecture School of Madrid) and will be presented by architect Patxi Mangado.

Andrea Deplazes Workshop: Patio House vs. House in a Garden

Andrea Deplazes in collaboration with Diego García Setién have held a Housing &Construction Workshop based on the Patio House vs. House in a garden conceptual approach, structured around key elements typology, topology and tectonics. Nicolás Maruri was invited to take part in  the critique session as jury.