Yasemin Yalcin
Prajakta Gawde
Elena Sofia Congiu
Luis Martín
Laura Soto
Eve Vervelidou
Andrea Mantecón
Antonella Peretti
Francisco Espinosa
Carlos Chauca
Miguel Ángel Valverde
Rosario Pastore
Manuel Sánchez
Gabriela Burbano
Jorge Luis Tofiño
María Candelaria Cáceres
Melina Pekholtz
Alejandra Delgado
Georgi Kafelov
Laura Soto



"MCH for me has been a great opportunity to meet colleagues from all over the world, with different cultures, backgrounds and points of views. This way, the knowledge I have acquired from the masters itself, has been enriched by their knowledge and their positions toward the different issues and topics being explored. Its been also a space to create friendship bonds with posible collaborators or partners in the future. 


On the other hand, due to the fact that the masters an intensive program, we have been trained to deliver a lot of work in very short periods of time, this way acquiring skills of efficiency and effectivity that can be easily applied in the working fields of competitions. 


Finally, the program has also been an opportunity to learn and work from some of the best architects in Europe side by side. As we are a small group of students and the classes are workshop based, we have a direct communication with them, taking the most out of the intensive weeks we have with them."

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