Yasemin Yalcin
Prajakta Gawde
Elena Sofia Congiu
Luis Martín
Laura Soto
Eve Vervelidou
Andrea Mantecón
Antonella Peretti
Francisco Espinosa
Carlos Chauca
Miguel Ángel Valverde
Rosario Pastore
Manuel Sánchez
Gabriela Burbano
Jorge Luis Tofiño
María Candelaria Cáceres
Melina Pekholtz
Alejandra Delgado
Georgi Kafelov
Eve Vervelidou



"MCH has been a great opportunity for me to deal in depth with housing which I consider as one of the most complex architectural topics. The master consists of weekly workshops and a series of specialties that explore housing issues from different scopes. The amount of knowledge and produced work is incredible, considering the sort time of period. The professors are well-known architects with great experience in their fields. The opportunity to work near to prestigious professionals such as Andrea Deplazes, Dietmar Eberle, Alison Brooks, Anne Lacaton is an invaluable experience. Furthermore, the composition of the participants is a unique blend of different cultures, career routes and points of views that familiarize myself with a boarder range of conceptions. As MCH comes to the end and I look back, I find myself glad and grateful that I was part of this team that worked intensively for the past months to achieve the out of reach."

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