Yasemin Yalcin
Prajakta Gawde
Elena Sofia Congiu
Luis Martín
Laura Soto
Eve Vervelidou
Andrea Mantecón
Antonella Peretti
Francisco Espinosa
Carlos Chauca
Miguel Ángel Valverde
Rosario Pastore
Manuel Sánchez
Gabriela Burbano
Jorge Luis Tofiño
María Candelaria Cáceres
Melina Pekholtz
Alejandra Delgado
Georgi Kafelov
Elena Sofia Congiu



"The master meets my expectations of being able to approach the issue of collective housing in a satisfactory manner. The little time to deepen the many themes studied leaves, sometimes, questions in suspense. Therefore, at the same time, it spark the curiosity and the willingness to continue a personal research of those themes that captured my attention the most.


The master has proved to be both practical and open to theoretical debates. It is able to combine in a single program research, study and application of the acquired knowledge.


The close relationship between colleagues is always put to the test by the challenges of working in groups with different people. This process strengthens individual skills at the professional and moreover at the personal level. We learn to distinguish friendship from work and to find the right balance in every circumstance. Beyond the master, the bond that unites us is as strong as a family relation, mutual trust and esteem are the basis of our friendship.


The workshops are always challenges against time, concentrated and intense, both in content and performance. The classes, in which each leader workshop proposes a different method of teaching and a different topic, are high level. All this enriches our architectural aptitudes. Furthermore, at the end of each workshop, we haven’t only increase our knowledge, but above all we have developed an effective critical sense towards our projects and the methods we learned.


The atmosphere that you breathe changes day by day depending on the challenge that is proposed. However, even when we are in an intense period, the good relationship that we have in the classroom helps us to get out of moments of difficulty more easily. Specially, the direct relationship that we have with the professors and the good communication that they establish during the lessons helps to create an atmosphere where learning is a pleasure.


The trip to zurich has been fundamental to our education. it has increased our ambition and broadened our horizons. Seeing how architecture is deepened and detailed, having a good professional and creative point of reference has certainly increased our awareness.


The thinking flexibility and the mind elasticity that we acquire thanks to a constant question that we are asked is invaluable. The close and direct relationship we have with professional architects makes us aware of our capabilities and constantly motivated. Although the workshops are of short duration, their intensity makes them the best time to learn."


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