Yasemin Yalcin
Prajakta Gawde
Elena Sofia Congiu
Luis Martín
Laura Soto
Eve Vervelidou
Andrea Mantecón
Antonella Peretti
Francisco Espinosa
Carlos Chauca
Miguel Ángel Valverde
Rosario Pastore
Manuel Sánchez
Gabriela Burbano
Jorge Luis Tofiño
María Candelaria Cáceres
Melina Pekholtz
Alejandra Delgado
Georgi Kafelov
Carlos Chauca



"MCH program is one of the most important postgraduate programs, which is totally tested when we are here. The prestige is because, MCH have together the best professors in our disposition for different times. As a student, the program requires a personal maturity and humility to go deep and take advantage of this knowledge.


MCH is exceeding my expectations, because it is a practical program, that gives me synthesis capacity to develop different types of projects under the guide of the masters in the field of housing. And in the same line, the complement of this professors is the relation and the feedback that I have with my colleagues. The double discipline is an important issue with my colleagues, because we discussed the academic content outside the university, in a camaraderie environment.


In my opinion, MCH has two highlights:


  • The first are the International Workshops, where we have the opportunity to develop a project only in a week in different topics, which is very difficult when we have the weight of the bureaucracy, but the training gives us the capacity to take decisions and be consistent with them. Sometimes we would like more days to develop the project in a deep way, because as architects we want to have everything under control, but like in real life, the architecture is about decisions and knowledge.
  • The second is the study trip to Zurich, whose purpose is to learn while we are visiting and testing the most important housing buildings. The abstraction of knowledge takes form and meeting the authors of those projects is the best way to close the circle. In Switzerland and its surroundings we could find the most important examples (showcases), not only for housing but also for architecture.

For these reasons, I think MCH will be a turning point in my life, not only as an architect but also as a person."

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