Elena Sanfeliu Puig-Pey
Ravin Abourjeily
Binal Shah
Ramón Puñet Corvillo
Magali Gabriela de Souza Schwenkow
Carolina Martín Peñuela
Aakash Gajjar
Santiago Ardila González
Marielle Samayoa Escobar
Iñaky Pérez López
Daniela Ximena Rullier Dávila
Yolanda de Rueda Renero
Andrea Carolina Cueva Zúñiga
Karla Ortiz Rubio Salcedo
Alejandra Martínez Gómez
Juan José David Vasquez
Ignacio Castro Zumbado
Jiayin Han
Beltrán Jaime Moreno Manso
Elena Sanfeliu Puig-Pey



"MCH has improved thoroughly my way of thinking, focusing speedily in the highlights of all cases.


MCH is a master oriented to the innovation, systematization and optimization of spaces in collective housing building. It is a Master that develops the principles of Co-Housing (diversity, integrity and versatility) in accordance with specific workshops led by qualified architects that establish their own methodology.


It is a very updated Master that integrates a wide selection of professionals from different fields and origins. The objective of the master is to analyse and understand the current status of different habitats in relation to society, and apply improvement measures for the future operation of the system with its focus on new city models. To do this, the MCH takes as an example projects from countries such as the Netherlands, Finland, Switzerland and Austria and from cities such as Copenhagen, Paris and Zürich, with professionals from each of these places.


MCH has exceeded my expectations."

Elena Sanfeliu Puig-Pey
News alumni