Elena Sanfeliu Puig-Pey
Ravin Abourjeily
Binal Shah
Ramón Puñet Corvillo
Magali Gabriela de Souza Schwenkow
Carolina Martín Peñuela
Aakash Gajjar
Santiago Ardila González
Marielle Samayoa Escobar
Iñaky Pérez López
Daniela Ximena Rullier Dávila
Yolanda de Rueda Renero
Andrea Carolina Cueva Zúñiga
Karla Ortiz Rubio Salcedo
Alejandra Martínez Gómez
Juan José David Vasquez
Ignacio Castro Zumbado
Jiayin Han
Beltrán Jaime Moreno Manso
Carolina Martín Peñuela



"The Master in Collective Housing is a truly intense course. The study program delves into some of the most important subjects that concern the cities and housing currently.

On the one hand the Specialities offer the opportunity to research and develop the projects during several weeks while meeting some of the most relevant lecturers on those matters. On the other hand, the Workshops teach you how to make important decisions efficiently and develop a project in 5 days along with some of the most recognised architects in the world. Being able to discuss and work hand in hand both with the Workshop Leaders and with their Assistant Professors is one of the most enriching experiences of this master.

The combination of Architects coming from so many diverse backgrounds, ages and experience makes the experience much more appealing, preparing you to work in an increasingly globalised world. 

The trip to Zurich in this master has been a highlight. Having the opportunity to be in the ETH facilities, and to visit so many outstanding housing projects along with some of the authors of these, was a memorable experience.

To conclude, I would say that this master gives you the opportunity to widen your knowledge in many diverse subjects regarding collective housing and the city; it gives you the opportunity to design and discuss with some of the most important Architects across the globe; and it teaches you to work with people from many different cultures creating bonds that I believe will endure over time."

Carolina Martín Peñuela
News alumni