Elena Sanfeliu Puig-Pey
Ravin Abourjeily
Binal Shah
Ramón Puñet Corvillo
Magali Gabriela de Souza Schwenkow
Carolina Martín Peñuela
Aakash Gajjar
Santiago Ardila González
Marielle Samayoa Escobar
Iñaky Pérez López
Daniela Ximena Rullier Dávila
Yolanda de Rueda Renero
Andrea Carolina Cueva Zúñiga
Karla Ortiz Rubio Salcedo
Alejandra Martínez Gómez
Juan José David Vasquez
Ignacio Castro Zumbado
Jiayin Han
Beltrán Jaime Moreno Manso
Yolanda de Rueda Renero



"MCH is an intensive and practical master. Having the topic “Housing” as a focus for all the seminars and workshops makes it very motivating to follow. Also, the topic of Housing is one of the major topics in architecture today. In this master the number of students and their different backgrounds makes it diverse, but also a good size group to be able to learn from everyone and even to create good friendships.


For me, the Workshops have been one of the most challenging and exciting moments in the master. With recognized experts in the area we were able to learn in one intense week the actual challenges of housing. The quality of the professors has been impressive, and they were always committed to help us as much as possible. In relation to the Specialties the best experts formed a great team of guests lectures that talked about the different topics in relationship to Housing and their challenges.


Furthermore, teamwork is a big part of this master. In most cases we had to learned how to take fast decisions and learn from others. Debates and discussions are part of this master and that makes it more interesting and challenging.

Finally, all the new knowledge didn’t stay in the classroom since one of the most interesting parts of this 7 months master is the trip to Zurich. It takes most of the topics that we had encounter in the classroom to life."

Yolanda de Rueda Renero
News alumni