Elena Sanfeliu Puig-Pey
Ravin Abourjeily
Binal Shah
Ramón Puñet Corvillo
Magali Gabriela de Souza Schwenkow
Carolina Martín Peñuela
Aakash Gajjar
Santiago Ardila González
Marielle Samayoa Escobar
Iñaky Pérez López
Daniela Ximena Rullier Dávila
Yolanda de Rueda Renero
Andrea Carolina Cueva Zúñiga
Karla Ortiz Rubio Salcedo
Alejandra Martínez Gómez
Juan José David Vasquez
Ignacio Castro Zumbado
Jiayin Han
Beltrán Jaime Moreno Manso
Santiago Ardila González



"The MCH is fulfilling my expectations as it has been teaching me different approaches to conceive housing projects through the different workshops. My relationship with my MCH colleagues has been very constructive as we all share with each other different perspectives on architecture and life in general. All of us help each other with a positive attitude when it comes to learning to use some tools during the workshops.


The international workshops have been very productive as I have learnt a lot so far, they are totally the best part of the MCH because we as students push our knowledge and skills to the maximum to learn in a short time period. The quality of the professors has been impressive and all of them have taught us something different architectural related. For me, the international workshops are the highlight of the master.


Moreover, the atmosphere I feel in the MCH is an academic and professional environment where all the ways of thinking are considered, and I feel no one is left behind. All our questions and perspectives are taken into account when debating or during lectures, which makes the classes more interesting and more constructive for everyone. The different cultural backgrounds of the people participating in the master has been a fuel for building knowledge and better architectural projects.


Finally, the study trip to Zurich was very interesting and I found the housing projects interesting and new to me. The day we spent in the ETH was very nice and we got to know the university and the architectural faculty, which I found to be one of the best in the world. It would be very interesting to spend more time in this university and maybe even working together with some ETH students. The only thing I think made us all a bit unhappy was the fact that we had a workshop and all the free time we had had to be dedicated to working in the hotel. This could improve if the workshop is made before or after the trip, this way the students could use more their free time to visit more interesting housing project and get to know the city better."

Santiago Ardila González
News alumni