Born in 1952 in Hittisau, Austria. Mr. Eberle graduated in the Technical University of Viena. He worked for two years in Teheran and started in 1984 his collaboration with Carlo Baumschlager. Winner of over 35 national and international competitions, he has been a teacher in several universities in North America and Europe. Since 1999 he is Professor at the ETH Zurich, becoming the Dean of the School of Architecture within the same university between 2003-2005. Header of the Center of Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, has participated since 2006 in the Master in Collective Housing as a workshop leader.

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Dietmar Eberle MCH Experience

  • Workshop leader MCH'2009, MCH'2010, MCH'2011, MCH'2012, MCH'2013
  • Workshop MCH’2017: “3 plots, 3 topics”
  • Workshop MCH'2018: "Form, Core, Envelope"

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