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Nur wenige Wochen nach dem Ende des MCH'2018 arbeiten unsere MCH-Teilnehmer bereits für bedeutende Architekturbüros auf der ganzen Welt: Spanien, Österreich, Schweiz, den Niederlanden,... Einige andere haben beschlossen, in ihre Herkunftsländer zurückzukehren, um dort die beim MCH erlernten Strategien umzusetzen. Wir sind sehr stolz auf diesen Fortschritt in ihrer beruflichen Laufbahn und wünschen ihnen alles Gute für die Zukunft.

Prajakta Gawde // MVRDV, Rotterdam

Nach dem Kennenlernen von Jacob van Rijs, Gründungspartner von MVRDV, am MCH, entschied sich Prajakta für eine Bewerbung in diesem weltweit bekannten Büro. MVRDV ist mit Sicherheit eines der Top-3-Büros in den Niederlanden, mit Projekten in Indien, wo Prajakta herkommt, und vielen anderen Ländern der Welt. Mit mehr als 200 angestellten Architekten ist MVRDV eine Referenz für innovative Konstruktionssysteme, konzeptionell starke Lösungen und einzigartige Wohnungsbaulösungen.


Prajakta's opinion about the MCH experience:

"I believe MCH course is a challenging course for the participants as it helps in the development of a holistic awareness of the topics concerning housing. I feel that it has fulfilled me as it has trained me to self-evaluate my design and trained with critical analysis of my decisions in bringing out the best deliverable.


The workshops push us to be practical and make decisions for producing the required amount of work within a time crunch. It also trains us to work in teams of 2 -4 that trains us for the professional world.


One of the best parts of MCH is that I have learnt a great deal from my colleagues. My colleagues come from various backgrounds but we have managed to find common ground and produce work and deliver. I am happiest and grateful to MCH for having given me the opportunity to learn from such a motivated group.


The international workshops have met my expectations of quality as they have given us a more global approach to housing.


The atmosphere at MCH is very amicable and inspirational. It has a very healthy competitive spirit which makes it more exciting and pushes one harder to achieve better results.


The study trip to Zurich was a thorough educational experience one could expect in a short time. The number of projects, architects and short lectures that we were introduced was extremely helpful and informative in terms of housing. I would give the trip a 10/10.


My personal favorite highlight would be my time in workshops working with different people at different times and getting to understand each other’s thought process to come up with ideas and brainstorm through the project to deliver it well on time."


Francisco Espinosa // Baumschlager Eberle, Austria

Bevor er nach Australien zurückkehrte, wo Francisco seit 2011 lebt und arbeitet, bot ihm Baumschlager Eberle Architekten eine Stelle in ihrem Büro in Lustenau, Österreich, an, um sich ihrem Wettbewerbsteam anzuschließen und ihre Arbeitsmethodik vertieft kennen zu lernen. Francisco's Vorschlag für Dietmar Eberle's Workshop wurde von Professoren und Kollegen als einer der besten der Klasse bewertet.


Francisco's opinion about the MCH experience:

“The Master of Architecture in Collective Housing, MCH, is a design-minded and Project-based postgraduate program with integrated disciplines and theoretical issues where we have been exposed to the most influential residential-expertise professionals.


The richness of the program relies on the intensive curriculum counting site visits, lectures, studio-work, one-week workshops and study trips. All of them integrated through practice-orientated dynamic and supported by brilliant Architects, educators, and colleagues.


During the international workshops, our skills, design decisions and conceptual coherence, as a few to mention, have been tested in an inclusive way were a critic dialog with professors and colleagues occur. Therefore, it has been truly beneficial for me to explore different methodologies and approaches from different international Architects to further develop in the future.


A strong sense of belonging and an intimate atmosphere has arisen during this time due to the knowledge sharing of the student group.


Moreover, our study trip to Zurich was exceptional, we had the opportunity to meet the best local residential architects and go over their work in situ, from essence to detail, then we were welcomed to their studio to discover their modus-operandi. It was a discovery trip for the group.


If you are thinking to further expand your knowledge in collective housing there is no better program to enroll. “

Carlos Chauca & Luis Martín // Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura, Barcelona

In diesem Fall wurden Carlos und Luis für die Teilnahme an einem Masterplan-Wettbewerb in Xiongan, China, ausgewählt.  Das RBTA-Team Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura hat beschlossen, sein Team für den Wettbewerb mit diesen beiden brillanten Architekten zu verstärken, die alles daran setzen, zum Erfolg des Büros beizutragen. RBTA befindet sich in der zweiten Phase des Wettbewerbs zusammen mit anderen internationalen Büros wie Foster&Partners, SOM und ARUP.


Carlos's opinion about the MCH experience: 

"MCH program is one of the most important postgraduate programs, which is totally tested when we are here. The prestige is because, MCH have together the best professors in our disposition for different times. As a student, the program requires a personal maturity and humility to go deep and take advantage of this knowledge.


MCH is exceeding my expectations, because it is a practical program, that gives me synthesis capacity to develop different types of projects under the guide of the masters in the field of housing. And in the same line, the complement of this professors is the relation and the feedback that I have with my colleagues. The double discipline is an important issue with my colleagues, because we discussed the academic content outside the university, in a camaraderie environment.


In my opinion, MCH has two highlights:


- The first are the International Workshops, where we have the opportunity to develop a project only in a week in different topics, which is very difficult when we have the weight of the bureaucracy, but the training gives us the capacity to take decisions and be consistent with them. Sometimes we would like more days to develop the project in a deep way, because as architects we want to have everything under control, but like in real life, the architecture is about decisions and knowledge.

- The second is the study trip to Zurich, whose purpose is to learn while we are visiting and testing the most important housing buildings. The abstraction of knowledge takes form and meeting the authors of those projects is the best way to close the circle. In Switzerland and its surroundings we could find the most important examples (showcases), not only for housing but also for architecture.


For these reasons, I think MCH will be a turning point in my life, not only as an architect but also as a person."



Luis's opinion about the MCH experience: 

"The Master of Architecture in Collective Housing is an eminently practical programme, taught by brilliant architects, that synthesizes the different perspectives offered by the specialties, including innovative workshops that change your way of thinking, site visits to the best built works and trips around Europe.
In addition, I would highlight the close relationship that is generated between colleagues, who in many cases become true friends, and the opportunities for future collaborations and partnerships.
The Master of Architecture in Collective Housing is an intense and enriching experience, a turning point for any professional who wants to incorporate new ways of thinking, methodologies and knowledge, not only related to the field of collective housing, but also to architecture itself.”

Laura Soto // Espegel-Fisac, Madrid

Vor ihrer Rückkehr in ihr Heimatland Kolumbien, wo sie zusammen mit ihrem Partner Eduardo das Büro Ochoa Hilada Arquitectos mitbegründete, führt Laura zusammen mit Professor Carmen Espegel und ihrem Team einen städtebaulichen Wettbewerb für kollektiven Wohnungsbau und ein ergänzendes Dienstleistungsgebäude in Bogotá, Kolumbien, durch, zu dem sie eingeladen wurde.


Laura's opinion about the MCH experience:

"MCH for me has been a great opportunity to meet colleagues from all over the world, with different cultures, backgrounds and points of views. This way, the knowledge I have acquired from the masters itself, has been enriched by their knowledge and their positions toward the different issues and topics being explored. Its been also a space to create friendship bonds with possible collaborators or partners in the future. 


On the other hand, due to the fact that the masters an intensive program, we have been trained to deliver a lot of work in very short periods of time, this way acquiring skills of efficiency and effectivity that can be easily applied in the working fields of competitions. 


Finally, the program has also been an opportunity to learn and work from some of the best architects in Europe side by side. As we are a small group of students and the classes are workshop based, we have a direct communication with them, taking the most out of the intensive weeks we have with them."

Rosario Pastore // Gruner&Skrein, Basel

Rosario, die bereits vor dem MCH in Basel gearbeitet hatte, entschied sich, dem jungen Studio Gruner & Skrein bei einem Wettbewerb für den Bau der Neuen Sportarena im Olympiapark in München zu helfen. Die Schweiz ist aufgrund des hohen Baustandards und der qualitativen Ergebnisse eine Referenz für Architekten.


Rosario's opinion about the MCH experience: 

"After these past months, I must say that the MCH academic experience is highly challenging and I like that.


First of all, it is extremely interesting and formative to interact with teachers and classmates in such a close way. To listen to different experiences, to think together, share conclusions and review what was developed in class.


Furthermore, the design of the projects in a short time, sharing different visions in different working groups, and then exposing the result with the expectation of qualified comments from the professors and colleagues was great training.

MCH is a real-time academic-labor experience. I think it places us at a level of growth in line with each of our potentials, allowing the group to offer the best of itself to achieve the proposed goal.


The trip to Zurich was very inspiring because in addition to seeing very interesting architecture we were able to visit renowned architects' studios.


I feel lucky to have participated in this edition of the MCH that has also given me the opportunity to connect and live with architects from other cultures. Each and every one has contributed to my learning as a professional and as a person. Especially with some of them, that have now become not only colleagues but also good friends.


I will never forget the time that we spent together, the enjoyable dinners, lunches and shared breakfasts."

Master in Collective Housing UPM/ETH

Wir freuen uns zu wissen, dass unsere MCH-Teilnehmer in ihren Ländern hervorragende Arbeit leisten. Das MCH-Team gratuliert Roberto und seinem Team zu diesem tollen Ergebnis!


Der Master of Advanced Studies in Collective Housing ist ein postgraduales Vollzeitstudium, das von der Universidad Politécnica in Madrid (UPM) und der Eidgenössischen Technischen Hochschule (ETH) angeboten wird.  Die nächste Ausgabe des MCH beginnt im Januar 2019 und die Bewerbungsfrist läuft bis zum 31.12.2018. Jetzt Bewerben!

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