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Ravin Abourjeily
Binal Shah
Ramón Puñet Corvillo
Magali Gabriela de Souza Schwenkow
Carolina Martín Peñuela
Aakash Gajjar
Santiago Ardila González
Marielle Samayoa Escobar
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Beltrán Jaime Moreno Manso
Binal Shah



"Masters in Collective Housing is an intense course that has provided me with variety of experiences- from Specialties that helped me with details to workshops that enforced the best out of me, from International architects to experts, from site visits internationally and within Madrid.


I have discovered new ways of designing living conditions through various phases of the course. Most of the projects were designed during 5 days of intense workshops which gave me the insight of international competitions framework. Workshops helped me to work to the limits and coordinate with my colleagues and mix our ideas to produce one project. It was a privilege to work under some renowned international architects who not only incorporated us with a housing project but also shared their way of working and adapting architecture.


The mix of cultures and thinkers from different parts of the world has allowed me to learn a bit from each individual. The ambiance of MCH classroom is very friendly and inspiring. Here people are always excited and motivated for new challenges that come up with different subjects which creates a positive atmosphere around.


For me the study trips were the highlight that helped me to learn a lot. Especially the study trip to Zurich, visiting architectural offices and moving around some housing projects was a wonderful experience.


I am thankful to MCH for the international exposure, professors and leaders that they bring into the course which fulfilled my expectations."

Binal Shah
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