Gonzalo Lozano Arce
Daniel Alcalá
María Amado
Georges El Hachem
María Eizayaga
Óscar Rodríguez Perales
Marta Juliana
María Alejandra Peláez Arroyave
Mauricio Méndez Wiesner
Arman Amin
Riham Zawil
Marcela Valerio
Taís de Moraes Alves
Blanca Guillén
Natalia Sato
Óscar Gilbert
Marta Juliana



"MCH has been a continuous stimulus. The whole course is carefully driven with a high standard of teaching. It is an intensive teamwork training, pointing to clarity and strength of ideas. With the hands on a deep learning, these months have drawn an accurate framework of housing practice. MCH is a worthwhile experience that has influenced the way I work."

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