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Some of our MCH participants may already be thinking about their future professional steps after MCH. even before coming to Madrid. It is an important issue for us and that’s why we always schedule interviews with our MCH participants, towards the end of the course, to support their decisions, directed to their next professional path.
In most editions, a high percentage of our participants could work in the position and country they wished to, but that depends a lot on each moment and person. Of course, each person has different skills and circumstances (natural skills, work capacity, languages spoken, visa situation, economic needs and expectations...), which result in a singular development of each professional career.
MCH writes recommendation letters for those participants who request it, of course, customised to each person, at the end of the programme. In many cases, those recommendation letters have turned out to be absolutely decisive, as stated by our alumni.
Quite a lot of them choose to come back to their origin countries (USA, Latinamerica, India, Israel, Australia…), to give back everything they learnt. Some others, in fact just a few, opt for working at the University or starting their PhD. Among our alumni body, a Dean of Architecture and a Chair Professor can be found, but many others hold teaching positions in different Universities around the world.
Probably, if we talk about salaries, the ones who decided to be entrepreneurs or the ones who have accepted positions in international consulting firms, are the ones who reach a higher level of incomes, rather than the ones who wished to work for a specific famous architecture office. Usually, the more trendy and known the architecture office is, the lower the salaries are, as many people fight for positions there. That’s why we invite our participants to also consider applying to smaller or medium-size offices, to places where open calls are currently announced in their websites, or to look for positions in places where the language is known for them. Language and visa situation are the most common handicaps when trying to get a job, so it is important to be aware of that and act accordingly.
The design of their final master work is also a chance to present their personal architectural profile:
Do they want to be introduced as a very creative architects?
As very technical or rigorous ones?
As specialists in urban and social issues?
As specialist in the design of residential layouts? 
Our advice is to deeply think about that, to select the most suitable contents to be included.
Apart from those general advices, the MCH team also schedules different meetings with MCH participants to talk about those issues. Each participant is invited to write a small mail with his/her intentions, so similar interests can be discussed in specifically oriented forums.

The UPM Career Guidance and Information Centre provides information and guidance to help students with work experience or practicum placements and to find their first job. For further information:

COIE Rectorado. Edificio B
Pº Juan XXIII, 11 28040 Madrid
+34 91 067 00 13
Opening hours: from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 2 pm
Further information. 

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