Andrés Cánovas Alcaraz (Cartagena, 1958). Architect by ETSAM-UPM in Madrid. In 1987 grounds his office with Atxu Amann and Nicolás Maruri, partners in his past and current projects, developed in Aravaca, where the office is based. At that moment, he also begun his academic career at ETSAM. His work as researcher is focused in new types of housing units and new ways of organising housing buildings, regarding the contemporary public spaces and other urban issues.

As an architect, he has received more than seventy national and international prizes, such as the Best social housing builiding by Madrid gobernment or the National Prize of Avantgarde Housing Projects.

He has recently shown his work at  Architectural Association in Londres, at NAi in Rotterdam, at IIT Chicago, Arizona CAPLAN, at Venice Biennale, at Instituto Cervantes in Río de Janeiro, at AEDES Gallery in Berlín, at RIBA in London, and at many Architecture Chambers in Spain. His work has been published in more than three hundred books and magazines all over the world.


Andrés Cánovas Alcaraz has directed collections as "Monografías de Arquitectos", “Monografías de Edificios “ or “Crítica de Arquitectura”, and has directed and edited the magazine Arquitectos between 1987 y 2006.

As professor, he has been lecturing at UPM Centro Superior de Diseño de Moda, at UCM Fine Arts School, and at the European Institute of Design. Manager of different postgraduate courses, he also teaches at UAM, UPB and ETSAM-UPM.

He has also been joint director of the Spanish Architecture Bienal and founding member of GIVCO at ETSAM.

Currently, he is professor at the Design Studio Chair of ETSAM and director of that Department.

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Canovas's MCH Experience

  • Housing projects specialty leader at MCH'06, MCH'07, MCH'08, MCH'09, MCH'10, MCH'11 and MCH'12
  • Member of the MCH Academic Committee from 2006 to 2012
  • Workshop leader at MCH'18: Intermediate States
  • Workshop leader at MCH'19: Alone but connected
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