Architect by the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM), with ‘end of studies’ special prize in architectural projects and in urban design. Postgraduate studies in the University of California, Berkeley (from 1964 to 1968), and Dr. Architect (in 1967) with “The Dynamics of Self Built Housing”. Educational practice from 1963-64, as assistant professor of urban design at the ETSAM, has continued it in different countries and institutions almost without interruption until today. He has been Titular Professor of Compositión and of Architectonic Projects at the ETSAM-. He is Professor Ad Honorem at the School of Architecture of the Republic, Montevideo: FARQ. At the present it he directs graduate courses and workshops in the Masters of “Collective Housing” and “Advanced Architectonic Projects”

of the Department of Projects of the Superior School of Architecture of Madrid; and in the “MVD-lab” of the FARQ.


After his studies, he resided five years in the U.S.A. and Brazil, working on urban and development planning for developing countries; the CIDUL project, at Brasil; which the projects he directed obtained biennial prize of the Inter-American Society of Planning, SIAP.

He has carried out and directed work in the fields off architecture and urbanism, in Spain as well as in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, North America and Latin America, and has participated in works and projects for organizations such as: The OECD; United Nations; and UNHABITAT. He has been Planning Director of the Madrid Metropolitan Area, General Director of Urbanism and Vice Dean of the Official Society of Madrid Architects.


His professional exercise covers a wide field of experiences and subjects, including architectural and urban planning projects, from the very small to the very large at very diverse scale. Author of several General Plans and different planning and development projects, the more recent ones include: Architecture, several projects in Montevideo selected to represent Uruguay in the Venice 2008 Architecture Biennial; Urbanism, master plans and urban design for a large urban residential extension at Parla, collaboration in ‘Agenda 21’ Madrid…; Phd and graduate teaching at ETSAM and FARQ on the the residential project of the city.


His work has been published in diverse professional magazines. Habitual lecturer, is author of books and numerous articles and publications.

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