Christian Dobrick (1972) is a senior project manager and has led a large number of international and interdisciplinary projects at West 8 with over 22 years of complex landscape design experience. His management of winning competitions, exhibitions and completed designs in China from 2011 on-wards has been the foundation of the Asian portfolio of West 8. His work in Shanghai (Zhangjiang Innopark, Columbia Circle and Xinhua Waterfront Park) demonstrates his expertise with urban renovation projects and creating diverse urban parks - together they form a new generation of public spaces in China. With a substantial track record of award-winning realised schemes, Christian engages, adapts and modifies his leadership to work within the local context. As a horticulturalist, Christian has a rich knowledge of seasonality and ecology, across many distinct climate zones. This knowledge base, combined with his attention to material choices, allow for a seamless integration of both maintenance, deadline and budget requirements within the reality of construction in an urban environment. Rooted in his training and work experience in Germany, Christian’s approach embeds pragmatism and engineering into the design process. He has led a wide range of West 8’s flagship projects such as Madrid RIO, West Kowloon Cultural District, One Manhatten Square, Novartis Shanghai Campus and Tempelhof Habour.


Photo copyright: Thijs Ter Hart

Urban design & Landscape
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