Dr Ed Manley's research focuses on the use of big, new datasets to analyse human behaviour in urban areas at a highly granular scale. His diverse research portfolio includes investigating the massive variation in route choices by minicab drivers, responses to disruptions on the London Underground, and the identification of spatiotemporal variation in activity and mobility from mobile phone data in Senegal.

Ed's interests extend into considering how new data and new technologies will influence the relationship between citizens and the city. With individuals gaining access to more and more information, how will this influence behaviour, and what will be the ultimate influence on large-scale urban patterns? And operating within the constraints of existing systems and infrastructure, how flexible are cities to rapid social change? Prior to becoming a Lecturer in Smart Cities, Ed worked as a Research Associate at CASA, working on the MECHANICITY project led by Professor Michael Batty. Ed completed his doctorate at UCL in 2013 entitled 'Modelling Driver Behaviour to Predict Urban Road Traffic Dynamics', and has a MSc in Multidisciplinary Informatics from University of Leeds. Ed's research blog can be found at

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