Jacob van Rijs (Amsterdam, 1964), Prof. Ir. FRIBA is Managing Director of the globally operating architecture and urban planning firm MVRDV, based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, which he co-founded in 1993 together with Winy Maas and Nathalie de Vries. Internationally acclaimed projects include the Expo 2000 Netherlands Pavilion, the Villa VPRO television studios in Hilversum, and the recent Market Hall in Rotterdam. In parallel to his work in practice, Jacob van Rijs regularly lectures, takes part in international juries and teaches at universities and institutes worldwide. He is currently Visiting Professor at the Technical University of Berlin. Before that he has been teaching at TU Munich, TU Delft, University of Wismar, ETSAM University Madrid, Royal Academy of Arts Copenhagen, Tokyo Institute of Technology and Rice University, Houston, amongst others. Since 2011, Jacob van Rijs has been Chairman of the International program of the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects (BNA) and in 2012 initiated BNA iTop, a network for creative industries. In 2014, he was appointed Board Member of the Dutch Trade Board and in 2016 he became chairman of the Archiprix.

Jacob van Rijs - Proyectos



Architects: MVRDV Jacob Van Rijs

Location: Amsterdam-Osdorp, Netherlands

Year: 1997

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WoZoCo is the first housing complex realized by MVRDV. The client, a large housing corporation, required 100 units for elderly residents in a proposal that made use of a gallery-type circulation. After preliminary studies revealed that the site could not accommodate the client’s request MVRDV was invited to participate in the project. A half-joking solution, presented at the first meeting, whereby additional units were ‘glued’ to the outer side of the main building volume drew surprising attention. The client saw the potential and MVRDV rose to the challenge.

Le Monolithe

Architects: MVRDV Jacob Van Rijs

Location: Lyon, France

Year: 2010

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Le Monolithe is an energy efficient, mixed-use urban block located at the confluence of the Saône and Rhône rivers in Lyon. Forming part of a larger urban renewal effort, MVRDV 15.000 m2 masteplanned the development, with each of the five sections designed by a different European architect, including the south end by MVRDV. A large interior court, with a raised public space overlooking the city, echoes the classical space of a Grand Gallérie. The building uses 80% renewable energy.


Architects: MVRDV Jacob Van Rijs

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Year: 2003

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In the western part of the Amsterdam harbour an extensive urban operation has transformed a former dam and silo building. A mixed program of housing, offices, work spaces, commercial spaces and public spaces are arranged in a 20 meter deep and ten-story-high urban envelope. The apartments differ vastly in size, price and organization, which appeals to a changing demography and the desire for individuality.


Architects: MVRDV Jacob Van Rijs

Location: Sanchinarro, Madrid. Spain

Year: 2009

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This apartment building is located in PAU de Sanchinarro, a new neighbourhood situated on the northeast edge of Madrid, next to MVRDV’s Mirador. Blocks of eight houses are seen as separate prefabricated units. They are positioned in a checkerboard pattern next to and on top of each other  leaving openings for communal gardens in between.  The light and ventilation these also provide are in contrast to the claustrophobic conditions of other developments in the area.

Jacob van Rijs- En MCH

Van Rijs's MCH Experience

Jacob van Rijs Open Lecture MCH 2018

Video by ETSAM. 16th March 2018

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