Jaume Mayol (Mallorca, 1976) and Irene Pérez (Barcelona, 1976) graduated from the ETSA Vallés. They run the Studio TEd’A arquitectes, based in Mallorca. Their work focuses on local resources, local materials and local typologies. 

Both architects combine their professional practice with teaching. They have taught at the University of Stuttgart, at the Fakultät für Architektur TU Graz, and also at the TU Munich. At the moment they are teaching at the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf.

Their work has recently received different awards, among which stand the Spanish Biennial BEAU XV award in 2021, and the BEAU XIV in 2018, the international FAD award 2018, the interior FAD award 2018, the ECOLA award 2019 or the Brick award 2020. Last year they were one of the studios selected as finalist for the Swiss Award 2020. 

They are mainly working in the island of Mallorca, however they also develop other projects abroad, for example at the moment they are working with a school building in Girona and a church in Belgium.


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