Architect’s from Helsinki University of Technology, 2003.  Diploma thesis “Sampo Senior Secondary School” in Tampere, Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona, 2000-2001. Planning of an energy-efficient building, RIL+SAFA+SuLVI, 2010.


Principal of Verstas Architects with Väinö Nikkilä, Riina Palva, and Ilkka Salminen. The office is placed in Helsinki, and they have built projects such as the Alvar Aallon katu apartments (Helsinki), the Kari Campus, (Rauma), Aalto University Business School, Aalto University Otaniemi Core Campus (Espoo), KOAS Hämeenkatu, (Jyväskylä), Tikkurila Church (Vantaa), Kirkkojärvi School (Espoo), Verstas City Cottage (Helsinki), Sauna in Padasjoki, among others. Jussi and his team have won several competitions such as the Cultural Centre and Kulttuuriaukio Square in Tapiola, Arabia 135-factory area renewal in Helsinki, Campus 2015 Espoo, Kultaisen ian kohde resort in Ristijarvi, Hirvensalo School in Turku, among others. 


He also has been lecturer professor at Aalto University, University of Tsinghua, University of Tianjin, Tshwane University of Technology, and HUT.

Jussi Palva - Proyectos

Kirkkojärvi School

Architects: Verstas Architects

Location: Espoo, Finland

Year: 2010

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By the Architects:

Kirkkojärvi school, designed for 770 pupils aged between 6-16 years, is located between the 70s housing development of Kirkkojärvi and the Espoonjokilaakso park. The building adapts to its surroundings by opening itself to the park landscape in the north and by dividing the school yards into smaller divisions, that follow the circuit of the sun. The yards connected to the primary school are oriented towards the morning sun. The secondary school students, whose school days are longer, enjoy the afternoon sun.

The school works like a small, lively city. In the core of the building is the dining hall overlooking the park. The classrooms have their own home areas with dedicated, more private lobbies and entrances separated, yet within a close distance from the central space. Special classrooms, workshops and the gymnastics hall common to all pupils are located on the ground floor with views to the park.

The facades utilize the versatile possibilities of masonry by mixing several brick-laying and bonding techniques. The wooden facades by the schoolyards create a small, accessible scale. The interaction of home areas and school yards urges the students to play outside.

In 2011 Kirkkojärvi school received the International Architecture Award, organized by The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies.

Alvar Aallon Katu Apartments

Architects: Verstas Architects

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Year: 2014

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By the Architects:

Töölönlahti area is a new developement adjacent to Helsinki main railway station. Located on a prominent site opposite to Alvar Aalto’s Finlandia Hall, the two apartment buildings occupy the northernmost position in the area, with wide open vistas of Töölönlahti bay.

The subtle folding of the facades gives the buildings a timeless, yet sculptural appearance. The exterior is characterized by a grid of openings slightly altered from that of the adjacent EY office building. The more horizontal facade division distinguishes the apartments from the office building while maintaining the integrated appearance of the quarter. Observed from a closer distance, the plain grid and steel railings of the facade string together the diverse balconies, terraces and windows, giving the buildings a sense of confidence and individuality. The changing depth of the facade creates a play of light and shadow on the surfaces clad with grey stone, white plaster and wood.

The stairways are defined by curved walls, cutting spiralling and skylighted voids in the hearts of the buildings. Room-height window openings and large balconies offer framed views out to the Finlandia Park, city centre and the monuments nearby.

Henrik Lättiläisen Katu Apartments

Architects: Verstas Architects

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Year: 2013

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By the Architects:

The three buildings on Henrik Lättiläisen katu have been carefully positioned on the beautiful bare bedrock. The buildings define a sheltered and sunny yard for the inhabitants. The apartments range from smaller one and two room flats to compact family apartments. All apartments are closely connected to the common yard while also having private terraces or balconies.

The buildings rising from the rocky terrain are monolithic and plain. As a contrast to uniform eaves, the height of the plinth varies, following the contours of the landscape. Shades of the plastered facades resemble the bedrock. Subtle variations in the building volumes animate the monolithic architecture.

Jussi Palva- En MCH

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