Architect ETH Zurich. Member of the Federation of Swiss Architects (FSA) and the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA).

Guest critic and various jury activities both in Switzerland and abroad


2011 Guest professor at Bern University of Applied Sciences Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering

2008 Admission into the Federation of Swiss Architects (FSA)

2001 Opening of own practice with Peter Sigrist

1998-2001 Employee at Gigon/Guyer Architekten, Zurich

1998 Employee at A. McGabhann Architects, Ireland 1997 Degree from ETH Zurich

1994/1996 Employee at Studio Libeskind, Berlin

1971 Born in Billens, Canton of Fribourg, grew up in the city of Berne

Pascal Müller - Proyectos


Architects: Müller Sigrits

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Year: 2014

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By the Architects:

The residential and commercial complex with integrated tram depot stands at a prominent point marking the boundary between two city districts. It combines residential, service and commercial uses in an identity-lending, large but compact form.

A cascade of access points links indoors and outdoors, walkable roofs and a courtyard above the tram depot. The building complex contains 88 flats, »joker spaces« that can be added on, various communal areas as well as cultural, catering, retail and service premises for 256 residents and providing 200 jobs. Kalkbreite hence offers new and flexible forms of living and working, serving as a model for cooperative living in the city.

The complex was built according to the energy and ecology targets of the 2000-watt society and meets the Minergie-P-Eco standard. The seven-storey building is a hybrid construction with a façade of prefabricated wood elements. The plaster walls of the polygonal perimeter block development dazzle in colours ranging from orange to turquoise.

Mehr als Wohnen

Architects: Müller Sigrits

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Year: 2015

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By the Architects:

1 area, 4 architecture offices, 13 houses: More than just living is a special building project. With our 3 houses we pursue different architectural intentions.

The young building cooperative wants nothing less than to "revolutionise living" More than living. In a dialogue process with four architectural offices, it has developed a "groundbreaking housing project". A new lively, socially mixed quarter is to emerge.

House D is characterised by the one-and-a-half storey living spaces that can be seen on the façade. House E directly on Quartierplatz offers a feeling of living as if in a green area: plants climb up the facade. In addition to apartments, house H houses a kindergarten with four classrooms.

Two staircase cores each connect the up to seven floors of our houses. From the one-room apartment to the cluster apartment, there is a rich mix for different residential ideas. All residents have private or common outdoor space at their disposal.

Magnet for a new tenant

Architects: Müller Sigrits

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Year: 2012

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By the Architects:

We have combined a point-shaped development with a longitudinal structure along the road. However, this "noise bar" is only two-storey, on which we set four superstructures in harmony with the point houses. Following the inner-city model, the longitudinal building on the ground floor houses shops and apartments above. The dotted houses are used exclusively for residential purposes.

Instead of being as simple as the surrounding housing estates of the 1940s, the overbuilding was to appear open and urban. The decisive factor here was the colour concept of the facades, which consisted of a grey tone and four contrasting colours. Together with the panorama windows, the colours create a contrast to the neighbouring houses.

In the broad mix of 132 apartments, maisonettes with private atria can be found in the longitudinal building. In the point houses, the apartments are multi-sided and all have spacious balconies. These protrude from the building like drawers and are horizontally offset from each other, creating two-storey outdoor areas.

Pascal Müller- En MCH

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