Master  of  Sciences  and  Architect  by  Cracow  Polytechnic  School  of  Architecture  (1998).  She  was  an  Associate Architect in Ábalos&Herreros (2001‐2006). Currently, since 2006, she is director and founder  of Abalos+Sentkiewicz AS+ and member of the Zero Energy Alliance (2009). 
Since 2007, she is an Associate Professor at ETSAM, Madrid. She was Design Critic at the GSD Harvard  University (2012‐2016) and adjunct Professor at BIArch (Barcelona, 2011‐2012). She has lead workshops  and seminars in international centers as Berlage Institute, IUAV in Venice, Festarch Cerdegna, EURAU,  COAC,  Universidad  Nacional  de  Colombia,  CEU  Valencia,  Fundación  Telefónica,  Alhóndiga  Bilbao  and  others. 
Her  professional  work  has  been  widely  published  in  international  monographs  as  Ábalos,  Herreros,  Sentkiewicz  Arquitectos  (DA arquitectos.  Thermodynamic  beauty,  2G  nº  56  (GG,  2011);  New  Natures.  High  Speed  Train  Station  in  Logroño (Q estudio, 2013); Abalos+Sentkiewicz. Form, Matter, Energy, AV 169 (AV Monografías, 2014);  Cuatro Obervatorios de la Energia (COAC, 2007), Campos Prototipologicos Termodinamicos (CTA‐ETSAM,  2011)  and  Essays  on  Thermodynamics,  Architecture  and  Beauty  (Ed.  Actar  /  Tongji  University  Press,  2015) published in three different editions in English, Spanish and Chinese. 
Her  professional  work  has  been  the  subject  of  15  individual  and  multiple  collective  exhibitions,  in  institutions such as AA‐London, Pavillion de l'arsenale‐Paris, MoMA ‐ NYC, London Roca Gallery, Lisbon  Architecture Triennale or the Venice Architecture Biennale . This recognition is also reflected in the 43  awards  received  in  architectural  competitions  and  46  awards  for  research  and  design  activities,  18  of  which  have  been  built.  It  has  also  been  collected  in  magazines  and  monographs  such  as  "Ábalos,  Herreros,  Sentkiewicz  Arquitectos",  DA  Architecture  Documents  No.  63,  COAA,  2007;  "Abalos  +  Sentkiewicz  Architects.  Thermodynamic  Beauty",  2G  n.56  Gustavo  Gili,  2010;  "New  natures.  Abalos  +  Sentkiewicz Arquitectos", Q study, 2013; "Abalos + Sentkiewicz. Form, Matter Energy", AV Monographs  of  Architecture  169,  2014;  "Essays  on  Thermodynamics,  Architecture  and  Beauty",  Actar,  2015  (with  independent  editions  in  Spanish,  English  and  Chinese);  Ábalos+Sentkiewicz.  New  Primitivism”  (with  independent editions in Spanish and English), Arquine, 2020, the winner of the 2021 COAM Award. 

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