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Sacha Menz, born 25 May 1963 in Vienna, has been Full Professor for Architecture and the Building Process at ETH-Zurich since October 2004.
1989: Architectural degree at ETH. Begins work with Prof. Dolf Schnebli, Tobias Ammann and Prof. Flora Ruchat-Roncati.
1990-1997: Establishes architectural firm Sacha Menz and Kuno Schuhmacher Architects, Zurich.
1991-1997: Establishes Joran Sport Co. for design and production of High End bicycles in Zurich, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Since 1997: Co-Founder of sam architects and partners Inc. in Zurich. Several architectural competitions and built projects in Switzerland and abroad.
Since 1997: Co-establishes the real estate firm Staub Holding Inc. in Switzerland. Several developments follow.
Since 2001: Member of numerous architectural juries, member of the Architectural Board of Consultants for the city of Ostfildern, Germany and member of several foundations in Switzerland.
2002: Member of the Board, from 2005-2011 President of the SIA (Swiss Engineers and Architects Association), Section-Zurich.
Since 2004: Member of the FSA (Federation of Swiss Architects).
2008-2011: Member of the Board «Platform Future Buildings», a Research Platform for Sustainable Building Technologies.
2008: Public release of «Three Books on the Building Process», VDF Editors, English edition in March 2010. New edition published in 2014.
2009: Establishes MAS (Master of Advanced Studies) and CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies) at ETHZurich, currently running.
Since 2009: Head of the newly established Institute of Technology in Architecture (ITA) ETH-Zurich.
2011-2013: Dean and Vice-Dean at the Department of Architecture, ETH-Zurich.
2012-2014: Leader of Module X (Housing) at the Future-Cities-Lab 1 in Singapore.
Since 2013: Establishes spin-off Arch_Tec_Lab Inc. in Zurich.
2014-2015: Deputy Director of the NCCR (National Centre of Competence in Research) in Digital Fabrication.
Since 2015: Co-Principal Investigator at Scenario 1 (Dense Building Typologies) at the Future-Cities-Lab 2 in Singapore.
2015: Publication of «Public Space Evolution in High-Density Living in Singapore».
Since 2015: Member of the Board of Directors of SIA (Swiss Engineers and Architects Association).

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