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Day 1. Reuse

Víctor López Cotelo. Diverse projects of reuse. 2002-2009

Ángela García de Paredes: 2 housing Oropesa. 2013-2015


Day 2. Annette Gigon

Annette Gigon. Gigon/Guyer's collective housing projects

Annette Gigon. Open lecture at COAM: 


Day 3. Annette Gigon

Small exercise and debate with participants:


What can be improved, what should be changed in architecture/ in housing specially (in your hometown/ in your country?) – And what should remain?


Could you show one street in your hometown (with fotos from google earth, from above and from street level) and explain why you have chosen this street for your intervention.

To begin with please do explain:

-       How is the climate in your hometown?

-       -What is your special interest in this street?

-       What are the problems to be solved ? (Noisy street? High rents? Old buildings in decay?...)

 Please do show with sketches how you would implement one new house in this street.

(With the façade, the ground floor and the floor plans of the apartments above, the living-room, the kitchen, the bedrooms, the staircase.)

What would be the improvement of your intervention? Or maybe the invention, the innovation?

What would be the adaption to the special context, to this specific street in your hometown?

Further Question:

Would you change or adapt your project, if you could build ten houses in this street instead of just one? – In other words, is it a solution for just one specific site in this street or could it also be used for a row of houses? (i.e. could the building be "multiplied" and would it produce an interesting street?)


Day 4. In between

Alfredo Payá: 32 houses Alicante. 2005-2012

Carmen Espegel. Embajadores 2004 + Oropesa 2011


Day 5. Redefinition of the block

Alexis López Acosta + Xavier Díaz Martín: Inakasa Building. Gran Canaria 2005

Coll-Leclerc: 45 Youth Housing. Londres, Barcelona. 2007


Day 6. Community

Pascal Müller, Müller Sigrist. Kalkbreite, Zürich

Matthias Heinz, POOL. Mehr als Wohnen, Zürich.

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