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Once again, the first MCH Workshop will be led by architects and professors Atxu Amann, Andrés Cánovas and Nicolás Maruri, who will be part of the MCH faculty during the 13th edition of the Master in Collective Housing (MCH) .


Professors Amann, Cánovas and Maruri have participated at MCH since its start in 2006, being thisone their fourth consecutive year as Workshop Leaders. We are happy to announce that they will be part of the 2021 edition of MCH, starting on March 1st 2021.  


Professors' profile:

  • Atxu Amann. Graduated as architect in the Technical School of Architecture of Madrid (1987). Same year in which she was associated with Andrés Cánovas Alcaraz and Nicolás Maruri Mendoza, forming the architecture office Temperaturas Extremas Arquitectos, now ACM_arquitectura, with which they have  obtained more than a hundred awards and recognitions. (Visit her MCH profile here)
  • Andrés Cánovas Alcaraz (Cartagena, 1958). Architect by ETSAM-UPM in Madrid. In 1987 grounds his office with Atxu Amann and Nicolás Maruri, partners in his past and current projects, developed in Aravaca, where the office is based. At that moment, he also begun his academic career at ETSAM. His work as researcher is focused in new types of housing units and new ways of organising housing buildings, regarding the contemporary public spaces and other urban issues. (Visit his MCH profile here)
  • Nicolás Maruri. Architect by ETSAM and Cum Llaude PhD 2007 also at ETSAM. Prometeo Scholarship at Tecniche Hoschule Darmstatd. Alemania. Master in Building Technologies by Columbia University, New York. Professor at Design Studio Chair ETSAM and visiting professor at Arizona University. He has been lecturer in London AA, Bogotá, Turín, San Sebastián, SEK Segovia, San Sebastián, Navarra, Valencia, Politécnica de Cartagena and Alfonso X el Sabio among other Universities. Currently, he manages the Research Group of architectonical Review, ARKRIT. (Visit his MCH profile here)

Master in Collective Housing UPM/ETH

The Master of Advance Studies in Collective HousingMCH, is a postgraduate full-time international professional program of advanced architecture design in cities and housing presented by Universidad Politécnica of Madrid (UPM) and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH).
The next edition of the MAS in Collective Housing will start in March 2021. The application period is still opened, and it will remain so till 10.02.2021 or until the 2 last vacancies are covered. Apply now!
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