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When it comes to facing an architectural project, it is worth spending time to organize and graphically communicate the central ideas of it. This allows us to synthesize information, so that the receiver will understand the central ideas easily. This also leads to identify the issues and key components of the design that we have in mind. It is really common to see how the architectural diagrams and schemes are developed in the last part of the design process. However, if we consider them a useful tool in the process of analysis and organization, we can find that everything could be easier. 


In this article, we will discuss different cases of study and architectural diagrams to inspire ourselves.



Types of architectural diagrams


Uses and programmatic representation

When presenting the distribution of the program, the diagrams and architecture diagrams help to understand how the activities are related to each other. In addition, in this way you can detect the uses and elements of the project and study them. Through these types of diagrams, it is possible to visualize how the activities are developed during the day and how the circulation flows could be.


 programmatic diagram representation

By: WE Architecture + Sophus Søbye Architects


Contextual representation

Thanks to this type of diagrams, you can establish relations with the environment. This is so in terms of topography, preexistences, landscape, or views. These graphic representations allow us to indicate data that probably do not appear in a technical drawing of building representation.

In addition, solar studies and climatic conditions can be addressed in this way, since it allows us to point out a synthesis of data and accurate measurements, which can include the directions of airflow, the position of the sun in the different seasons, and the maximum level of raininess in the plot.


 contextual diagram representation



Spatial representation 

When it comes to understanding the strategies to be carried out, the recognition, analysis, and communication of the geometry of a design is usually registered. This allows us to limit the variations and phases of the design process, so that we are able to make modifications and seek for alternatives.


Separating each spatial component individually indicates a clear understanding and identification of the elements that constitute a project. The development of different architectural diagrams and schemes allows us to devise other considerations of the project.

 spatial diagram representation

  By: WORKac


Constructive representation 

The visualization of the different building elements through the development of structural and constructive schemes allows us to understand how a system is organized and makes it easier to determine the different stages of construction that will be necessary when carrying out its execution.


In addition, these diagrams allow us to understand how a systems work, something necessary to detect what elements constitute them. This will help us in the search for possible errors.


constructive diagram representation

By: STUDIOKCA Architecture



In short, the development of architecture diagrams before the submission of the project and during its process is very positive. On some occasions, it can help us to solve problems before they appear and allow both the approach and the execution of the project to be carried out in the most agile way possible. It is worth doing a couple of drawings of this type to analyze the project from several different perspectives.



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