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What's a skecth and why is it important in architecture?

Whatever project you have in hand, it is important that you put your ideas on paper to show and explain what we have in mind.


The architectural sketch is no more than a simple drawing without too many elements, which aims to explain the overall idea of ​​the architectural concept by representing the design of the work that is thought to be built.


As we have said, even when the sketch does not have many elements such as technical specifications or precise lines, it does intend to be as close as possible to what is expected to be the final result of the architectural project that will be developed.

Types of sketch drawings

There are different types of architectural sketches, but this classification can be applied to any artistic work in which the sketch on paper is used as the first step to create a work.


Elemental sketch drawing

This type of sketch tries to draw by hand the first idea that goes through our mind on any paper and without any technical element. That is, to capture the ideas we have about the work to be developed and how we see it visually in our minds.


Compregensive sketch drawing

The comprehensive sketch is a more detailed drawing of the project that is going to be built. In terms of development level, this kind of sketch is in the midpoint, so it’s neither very elaborate nor very simple. It may contain a photograph or image that clarifies the idea.


Dummy sketch drawing

This sketch is closer to the idea of ​​final art and contains a much more complete composition with visual elements, color schemes, photographs, and details that explain what the final product will be. It is the prelude to begin the real preparations of a building, due to it has a high degree of precision and quality in the visual effects of the final work.


Theoretical sketch drawing

This type of sketch is a theoretical interpretation of what will be the design of the project. In this drawing, the problems are represented by decomposing them in systems, subsystems, components, and elements, all of them represented graphically, pointing out the designations of the architects and formulating the elementary fundamentals.


Structural sketch drawing

In terms of architectural sketches, these drawings are made to explore the possible design solutions and possibilities of the problems that may have been raised in a previous theoretical sketch.


Formal sketch drawing

The final sketches are the formal sketches, due to they have technical specifications for the design of the final project. This type of sketch is very specific and has more features than the previous ones.


Functional drawing

This type has a high content at a theoretical level and also considers different studies, some already done and others that will help to carry out the final project. It may contain structural, flows, dynamics, and climate calculations, among others.


Examples of sketch drawings

Here you can see some examples of sketches that have been made in terms of architecture:



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