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Career opportunities in architecture and job insertion

The profession of an architect has always been very demanded in the job market. According to the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports of Spain, the average rate of employment in the country is 44.7%. However, this rate can be much higher in other countries, a fact which has determined the migration of many Spaniards in search of job opportunities in the Architecture field.


Nowadays, the labor of an Architect includes a wide range of options. These are the ones considered more relevant.


Types of architecture jobs

Urban planning and construction 

This branch of architecture is the best known by most people. It includes the study of cities, starting out with the planning of their general structure in order to optimize mobility, among other issues. It is also responsible for urban furniture design, whose function is to bring to the streets useful items for the citizens, such as banks, lampposts, or security elements.


Another task for these professionals can be the construction of buildings and their structural maintenance, as well as the judicial expertise in litigation cases related to architectural works.


In addition, the restoration of heritage buildings is another form of labor insertion in this sector. 


Amsterdam buildings


Nowadays, an architect usually performs more functions than he used to do in the past. We can talk about several main tasks: 


Furniture designer 

Although this work may seem more suitable for an industrial designer, the knowledge of an architect enables this professionals to perfectly perform this task by designing for companies, brands, and even working as a freelancer.


An interesting technique that is gaining more and more importance is 3D printing. This is a niche market that is booming since it allows manufacturing plastic parts at a very low price. When it is proven that the design works, these pieces can be produced on a larger scale with the selected materials, thus saving thousands of euros to the companies. 


Video game designer 

By taking a course in graphic design and video games you can complement the skills of an architect and access the digital world through the creation of realistic structures for the scenarios of video game consoles or computers. This is a job insertion that is increasingly seen in our digital age. 


Interior designer 

This is one of the architecture jobs where it is very normal to see an architect as the main skateholder. The architect will be responsible for designing a comfortable space for living by dealing with the distribution of rooms, wiring, lighting, etc. At the same time, he/she must create useful and friendly interior places for living.


Usually, this type of refurbishments also required works related to thermal insulation by ensuring a good temperature in the interior, and ensures that the place is watertight in its interior. All of these tasks must be developed by fulfilling all safety standards, in addition to the demands and tastes of each client. It can be useful in houses, offices, hotels or any other living space. This is one of the architecture fields where there is a high rate of employment.


building interior

Teaching and research

Teaching is a way of transmitting the architect's knowledge to other students. From private institutions to public universities, there are many centers where you can teach. In some cases, it may be necessary to take specialized studies to be allowed to teach.


There are also architects dedicated to the research of new materials with specific properties or new ways of building and designing cities in order to promote the progress of society by saving costs in the process.


open book

How to find architecture jobs

Nowadays, finding a job as an architect is not an easy task. Companies demand more and more experience and knowledge and competition among candidates is fierce. That’s why we must stand out from the others and acquire a series of skills that allow us to be selected for the desired job position.


Obviously, to find architecture jobs, the first step is to finish your architecture studies. Subsequently, if you want to improve some of the knowledge learned during your studies, one of the best options is to take part in a specialized master such as the MCH. This experience can be a relevant platform of networking and knowledge for you that will undoubtedly help a fast and successful job insertion.


In this link you can check the career success of the architects who have already gone through the MCH.


Master in Collective Housing UPM/ETH

The Master of Advanced Studies in Collective Housing is a postgraduate full-time international professional program offered by Universidad Politécnica of Madrid (UPM) and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH).  Next edition of the MCH begins in January 2019, and the application period is opened till 31.12.2018. Apply Now!
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