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Currently, any profession is largely developed through the digital world. We refer to both informative and spread level, without enumerating the architecture studies that have their own website where clients and visitors can check their work. Today, we will talk about some of the best architectural websites you can find on the Internet.

Discover some of the best architecture websites on the internet

Archdaily / Plataforma Arquitectura   

This is for sure one of the main online architecture platforms and it is targeted both experienced professionals and new architects. This platform is the leading website in the Spanish-speaking world.


Here you can find information about events, interviews, articles, contests, and a large number of photographs of architectural built projects. You will also find the latest news about technology and useful tools for architects and students.


Today is one of the main architectural websites, with more than one million users.


Dezeen is an online subscription magazine with free content and a varied range of projects, opinion articles, awards, and information about the design, architecture, interiors, and technology.


In addition, it has a large amount of content about architectural works that are updated dairy that will make you understand the world of design in architecture and its latest developments.

Best architecture websites

Detail Online

Detail is an online architecture-website through which you can access a large range of opinion-articles and research within the world of the most innovative design in architecture. It is specialized in details, construction, and innovation.


It also has its own online store with products and information about design and architecture events.

Cosas de arquitectos

This one is a digital magazine of architecture aimed mostly to professional and amateur architects. Here you can find a selection of news and articles on culture, art, furniture, exhibitions, and technology applied to architecture.


You will also periodically find a selection of the best architecture blogs, as well as lists of professionals. This is for sure one of the most known and visited blogs in Spain.

best architecture websites


This is the digital version of a previous paper magazine. In this new period, the magazine collects all information published during the last years, while publishing issues related to construction and the products needed for any architectural project.


Besides just a web about architecture, this is a very useful online tool. In Mapacad we will find hundreds of city plans to download, not for free, but very comfortable. It is a guarantee that the files we are looking for will contain the needed information.


We can access any plane in a matter of minutes. We can have any file in DWG where the whole city is arranged in layers with different boundaries, plots, and blocks.


In case of not finding the plan that we need, the web offers a service through email, and we can order the document that is not available at that moment.


In this case, we talk about a platform and archive of art-works, artists, and companies related to the world of architecture and design. The language of the website is English and it focuses mainly on the publication of interesting content for architecture professionals.


Currently, it is also presented in a paper version in which we can find essays and reviews about current artistic culture and productions.


This is one of the most read publications as a conventional magazine in Spain. It emerged as a website a few years ago and it couldn´t be absent from this selection of the most important architecture websites.


 It is aimed to professional and amateur architects and we can find articles about culture, urbanism, photography, cinema, illustration, and other related cultural projects.


These were 8 of the best architecture websites you can find online. We hope this list has been useful for you.

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