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Gerardo Recoder Déciga (42 years old) is a former student of MCH (2008) and nowadays, a Founding Partner of REC Architecture.


What are your current projects?


We have public and private projects, research labs, academic buildings and housing from 1 to 300 units, etc., Cathedra teaching at Anahuac University, research such as our free app developed for IOS called “RECarch”.


How did you discover MCH? What encouraged you to take the course?


A friend that worked for “Urban Ecosystem studio” recommend the practice, theory, and quality of their teachers.

That encouraged me. I always wanted to study a master’s degree, my office was founded in 2001 and in 2008 gives me the opportunity to take this master’s degree and continue projects in México at the same time.


"Biblioteca Central" project


How has your career been going since finishing the Master’s?


Fortunately, very well. We already projected Schools, Offices, Libraries and other public and private buildings.In the Collective Housing field, we have developed over 500 homes. We keep doing research, and I’m currently writing some texts and developing a free app for IOS called “RECarch” that contains a compendium of homes already built, and the rest of them collected from several countries. In 2014 I organized an exhibition called “AboveMM” that include some of my master professors, such as Juan Herreros. Likewise, with “Torres del Parque” project, we were selected in the Biennial of Quito as international finalists in sustainable housing. This project is the one which I am proudest of because that social dwellings for low income people in México City despite that, they have a lot of space in their rooms, plus amenities like gyms, party rooms, Kid’s center, movie theater, and more amenities that improve their quality of life, that usually you can see only in high cost houses.




Torres del Parque project

How did MCH help in your career?


It let me appreciate more about history and discovered different ways to solve collective housing issues. Likewise, the professors I had during the master’s not only taught me architecture, they also show me teaching methods as well.


Have you done any projects related to the Collective Housing Field?


Currently we have several projects under construction like Anaxagoras (8 dwellings), Parkview (180 dwellings), House Valle Lago and VL45, a psychology school, Cell Research building, and our new Architecture offices.



Parkview project

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