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From MCH we want to share the initiative that Gonzalo Lozano Arce, MCH 2017 participant, and his partners Mara Sanchez Llorens and Fermina Garrido Lopez have launched through its project "The Endless Doll House"

If you are interested in participating, you will find more details about this project down below.

Endless Doll House is an initiative that contributes value to visibility and narratives of what it is understood as domesticity through visual playful compositions analogous to Doll Houses. It is a good moment to learn a whole new world about ourselves, our space and how we deal towards it through the representation of the Domestic in the most popular way: The Doll House, that in its ancestral symbolic background, it is a representation of the social and distinctive features of the time.

Covid19 has triggered new dynamics in terms of domesticity. In this moment of quarantine, your domestic space absorbs other spheres like public and productive spaces. It's time to desire and dream the meta-home: The Endless Doll House, that is a fiction where all those spaces of imagination and curiosity let us dream, be a critic and cohabit through experience.

We are leaving behind a past world and forging the one to come at the same time.

Play and design that new time and reveal us that unknown world through your own Dollhouse. The project is created from here and now to create an image of 'desire rooms' where we may find that place of play and coexistence of what is to come.

The Endless Doll House Project carries the mission in its name. Spread and share an unlimited number of approaches to the domestic materialized in a Dollhouse. Technology becomes our best partner and further on a window to these creatives universes and this project tries to "listen" to those domestic spaces that we have already mentioned and impregnate our culture, ritual and traditions through those Dollhouse designs.

Anyone can contribute to this project of a virtual museum with an Endless Doll House

The goal of this project is to create a never-ending scene by infinite Doll Houses concatenated through these playful forms of domestic space that Doll Houses are.

  • Share images of your own creative universe of Doll Houses
  • Give it a title
  • Give it three Hashtags
  • Send your images, title and hashtags by Instagram: @endlessdollhouseproject or by email:

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