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María Eizayaga and Daniel Alcalá, participants of the MCH'2017, have been selected as one of the finalist teams of the "Open International Competition for Alternative Layout Design in Standard Housing".


"Open International Competition for Alternative Layout Design in Standard Housing"


Their proposal, called "The Revenge of Collective Housing", was selected with another 19 proposals for the final stage of the "Open International Competition for Alternative Layout Design in Standard Housing". They have to submit the final project in November 2018. The team was formed by María Eizayaga, Daniel Alcalá, Emilio López, Joaquín Eizayaga, Alberto Sánchez, Oscar Hernández, Paulina Hernández, Samuel Orona, Julio Carranza, Alan Villalobos.

The competition, promoted by  The Russian Ministry of Construction Industry, Housing and Utilities Sector, has the purpose "to expand the typologies of apartment layouts of medium and large size, which comply with modern requirements for providing for the comfort and security of the living environment, and which will be completed with the use of advanced construction technologies. Competition participants have the task of creating optimal planning solutions that will be easily adapted to the needs of various users groups and climate conditions in Russia, as well as to the changes introduced during the project implementation phase".




"The Revenge of Collective Housing"



Code: 019075


Extracted from the proposal:


"If eating, sleeping, taking a bath, talking with family, receiving visits, cooking, sheltering are activities of the universal act of dwelling, the twenty-first century has shown again that not everything has been said in this field.


It is undeniable that, until two decades ago the human being lived in his house and worked in a different place. This routine made him separate his productive life from the private one. The social of the intimate. Everything was easy to categorize.


Today those borders are erased at unthinkable speeds. The post-industrial era and the era of technology- at full blossom, if precise-confronts us with the paradigms that governed our behavior respect to architecture. It is very easy to dream if you have focused creativity, on how you will live in a no longer distant future.


The futurists of today, the rigorous, those who seek to get away from the well-worn dystopia and programmed apocalypse, know that they are prone to get too close to the present in any of their lucubrations. Technology will surprise us every day, that is something that should not be doubt.

 The challenge of living consists in recovering the human. Everything that “the machine to inhabit”, refreshing invention of the twentieth century, forgot in order to transform us into production machines, it is urgent to recover. It is maybe better to say rediscover.


 The encounter, the conversation with the neighbor, the greeting and wishing good night remembering our names and those of the floor below. Providing our children with a childhood full of fantastic adventures and games in company, teaching them by example that it is important to live with the one next door and the one in front. To convey to them the importance of the practice of politics, of negotiation and tolerance.

Architecture - the new one - has a lot of work ahead."






María Eizayaga (Argentina) is a Civil Engineer with specialization in Architecture and MCH'2017. 


Daniel Alcalá (Mexico) is an Architect, MCH'2017, and Co-Director of the studio STVX  based in Aguascalientes. 


MCH congratulates María and Daniel for this amazing result and we wish the best of luck for the next phase of the competition. 




Master in Collective Housing UPM/ETH

The Master of Advanced Studies in Collective Housing is a postgraduate full-time international professional program offered by Universidad Politécnica of Madrid (UPM) and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH).  Next edition of the MCH begins in January 2019, and the application period is opened till 31.12.2018.
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