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We are glad to announce that the 11th edition of the Master in Collective Housing (MCH) has started. 


We have 19 new MCH participants from 10 different countries: Spain, Mexico, India, Colombia, China, Brazil, Costa Rica, Lebanon, Peru, and Guatemala. They will give their best in order to maximize their learning by creating complex projects of architecture in the different Workshops and Specialty Modules. 


The following are the MCH 2019 Participants:

  • Magali de Souza (Brazil / Austria)
  • Yolanda de Rueda (Mexico)
  • Ravin Abourjeily (Lebanon)
  • Karla Ortiz Rubio (Mexico)
  • Iñaky Pérez (Mexico)
  • Elena Sanfeliu Puig-Pey (Spain)
  • Marielle Samayoa (Guatemala)
  • Jiayin Han (China)
  • Beltrán Moreno (Spain)
  • Binal Shah (India)
  • Carolina Martín (Spain)
  • Alejandra Martínez (Costa Rica)
  • Ignacio Castro (Costa Rica)
  • Daniela Ximena Rullier (Peru)
  • Ramón Puñet Corvillo (Spain)
  • Aakash Gajjar (India)
  • Santiago Ardila (Colombia)
  • Juan José David (Colombia)
  • Carolina Cueva (Ecuador)

The MCH 2019 starts with the lessons of Energy & Sustainability led by Javier García-Germán, followed by the Workshop of Andrés Cánovas and Atxu Amánn, which is assisted by Gabriel Wajnerman (MCH2011). We encourage our participants to work hard since the day one in order to achieve the best results as possible. 


We wish the best to our new MCH crew in this new adventure that just started and as we always say: enjoy it! 


Master in Collective Housing UPM/ETH

Next edition of the MAS in Collective Housing will start in January 2020, the application period opens in February 2019 till 31.12.2019 or until vacancies are filled. 
The Master of Architecture in Collective HousingMCH, is a postgraduate full-time international professional program of advanced architecture design in cities and housing presented by Universidad Politécnica of Madrid (UPM) and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH).  Apply now!
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