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We are glad to announce that the 13th edition of the Master in Collective Housing (MCH) has started. 


The MCH classroom allows the attendance of all participants of MCH 2021 ensuring the compliance with the social distancing measures, as well as other health measures required to deal with the COVID-19. It is properly ventilated and directly connected with the main ETSAM's garden.


We have 24 new MCH participants from 15 different countries: Spain, Philippines, Mexico, India, Colombia, Lebanon, Palestine, Uruguay, Israel, Ecuador, Iran, Greece, Morocco, Chile and Romania.  They will give their best in order to maximize their learning by creating complex projects of architecture in the different Workshops and Specialty Modules. 


The following are the MCH 2021 Participants:

  • Ahmed Alraie (Palestine)
  • Alberto Hueso (Spain)
  • Andrea Pardo (Spain)
  • Andrés Varela (Uruguay)
  • Ángela Molina (Spain)
  • Anna Davidovich (Israel)
  • Bruno Dávalos (Ecuador)
  • Camila Ureña (Mexico)
  • Daniel Segovia (Mexico)
  • Elissavet Pasli (Greece)
  • Elyssa Al Alam (Lebanon)
  • Enriqueta Vindel (Colombia)
  • Faraz Baniasadi Iran)
  • Francisco Ramos (Chile)
  • Georgia Strinopoulou (Greece)
  • Haidy Lazalde (Mexico)
  • Irina Papadaki (Greece)
  • Kaustubh Zawar (India)
  • Maia Villanueva (Philippines)
  • Nouhaila Zergane (Morocco)
  • Patricia Safer (Romania)
  • Pedro Ordonñez (Colombia)
  • Ricardo Martínez (México)
  • Tanvi Shah (India)

Once again, the MCH 2021 starts with the specialty Energy & Sustainability, led by Javier García-Germán. It will be followed by the 3D printing workshop, which is led by Professor Jonathan Benhamu from ETH Zurich.       


We wish the best to our new MCH crew in this new adventure. Enjoy it! 

Master in Collective Housing UPM/ETH

The Master of Advanced Studies in Collective Housing is a professional and international postgraduate programme that is developed on a full-time basis, dealing with advanced architectural design in the city and housing. It is designed and taught jointly by the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH).


The admission period for MCH2022 is already opened, and it will remain so till 31.12.2021 or until vacancies are filled. 


For more information, click here!

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