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From now on, Master in Collective Housing (MCH) will allow you to opt for a place in the Ph.D program at Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid ETSAM-UPM. 


Be a Ph.D at ETSAM

We encourage our participants to continue their educational development after the MCH studies have finished. The ETSAM of Universidad Politecnica de Madrid has a great offer of Ph.D in Architectural Projects, and this is a highly valuable opportunity for the participants of the MCH to increase their knowledge in architectural research.


This new agreement between MCH and the Department of Architecture ETSAM is valid for all MCH participants, including previous, current and future MCH editions.

What do we need to take part in the Ph.D program at ETSAM?

In order to be enrolled in the Ph.D program, you have to fulfill the following requirements:  

  • Finish the MCH program (60ECTS).
  • Apply to the Ph.D program in June, September or January through the UPM Helios Platform and the DPAA Ph.D website, providing the documents requested.
  • Develop a Final Master's Project (TFM) in the first quarter of the Ph.D admission process. (8ECTS). 
  • Send a formal request to the Ph.D Academic Committee to get 9 ECTS validated, providing all the documents required by the Department of Ph.D Advanced Studies of Architecture (DPAA).

Ph.D Modalities

Candidates from MCH who want to enroll in the Ph.D in Architectural Project will have two ways to take part in the program: 

  • Full time:  Three years + One-year extension. You can ask for an extraordinary one-year extension which must be justified. 
  • Part time : Five years + Two-years extension.  You can ask for an extraordinary two-years extension which must be justified. 

Preliminary Schedule

  • Admission: Twice a year, every year, October 1st and March 1st. The application must be sent at least 20 days in advance.
  • Courses: Twice a year, every year. October-February or March-September.
  • Final Master's Project submission: Twice a year, every year. February-March or September-October.
  • Start of the Ph.D Thesis development: Twice a year, every year. March, 1st or October 1st.

The particular schedule for each candidate depends on the admission date to the Ph.D program. 



If you have further questions, please send a email to and we will be happy to help you.

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