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Best Architecture Master in Spain

Master in Collective Housing (MCH), has been rated with the first position as the best postgraduate master of architecture in Spain by El Mundo Ranking.


“El Mundo” Spanish newspaper makes yearly a ranking of the best 250 postgraduate master programs in 50 different knowledge areas. One more year, MCH has been awarded with the first position in the field of architecture, recognizing once more its quality and prevalence among other options.



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The postgraduate education is nowadays almost a compulsory requirement in most employment selection processes, so proving that graduated students really get a career improvement after the course is essential. El Mundo’s ranking rates how well this goal is achieved, according to the 25 selection criteria listed under these lines.

El Mundo Selection Criteria


Group A: Master’s demand


  1. Foundation year. The Master program has been held at least during four years to be part of the ranking’s research.
  2. Offered positions. To rate the acceptance degree.
  3. Demanded positions. A high demand certifies the postgraduate program’s success.
  4. Associated entities. It indicates the external appreciation of the program.
  5. Relation quality/price. It is an important fact for students, which relates to the academic offer.
  6. Students selection criteria. It considers the kind of process that students have to go through to be admitted.
  7. The responsible persons’ reputation is taken into account.
  8. Number of headquarters and location. To measure its national and international acknowledgment and its expansion.


Group B: Human Resources


  1. Professors prestige and quantity. Academic board’s quality is evaluated, as well as the participation of professors with broadly recognized prestige.
  2. Innovation in its teaching quality and methodology. It considers the use of new teaching methods.
  3. Tutorial attention. It is important that participants can have an individualized support.
  4. Foreign students inscribed. Absolutely essential to measure the school’s and diploma’s relevance abroad.


Group C: Syllabus


  1. Academic program. It reveals program’s contents, structure and terms. It is important to know what innovation the master program adds considering the university diploma related.
  2. Relation between practice and theory. It shows the importance of practice-oriented teaching versus theoretical knowledge.
  3. Practical credits in companies. It analyses if the program contents are adapted to the professional reality.
  4. Professional internships managed by the master program. It measures the real connection between the course and the business field.


Group D: Results


  1. Desertion rate. It expresses its possible failure, indicating the students’ dissatisfaction because expectations have not been fulfilled or due to other reasons.
  2. Success rate. It measures the number of students who get the diploma in relation to the number of students inscribed.
  3. Students’ evaluation. The evaluation system is considered, regarding its qualitative or quantitative approach and checking if the obtained results are published.
  4. National and international mentions to the program from the business field. It indicates program’s external acknowledgment.
  5. Employment index measured six months after program’s closure. It is an essential fact to rate the master’s success.
  6. Companies hiring graduated students. It shows program’s quality and its professional appraisal.
  7. Job board’s performance (if it exists). To know if the school or its associated entities hire or not graduated students.


Group E. Material resources


  1. Use of new technologies. Reveals the engagement with innovation and adaptation capacity to changes.
  2. Laboratories and specialized spaces. It shows the importance given to the practical lessons.


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El Mundo Links

MCH Master in Collective Housing

The Master of Architecture in Collective HousingMCH, is a postgraduate full-time international professional program of advanced architecture design in cities and housing presented by Universidad Politécnica of Madrid (UPM) and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). Next edition will start in January 2019, and the application period is already opened, till 31.12.2018 or until vacancies are filled
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