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MCH2020 has concluded with the submission of the final master works, and we are very excited to share a picture of them with all of you. Without a doubt, this edition will be remembered in our memories as a special one.


From here, the MCH team would like to thank all the participants of the 12th edition for their effort, resilience and collaboration.

We wish you all the best in your personal and professional future.




MCH2020 Participants

  • Adolfo de la Torre - Mexico
  • Alejandro Maldonado - Ecuador
  • Álvaro Pedrayes - Spain
  • Audrey Umara - Kenya
  • Carlos Ballesteros - Mexico
  • Elisa Cecconi - Italy
  • José Ignacio Valdez - Peru
  • Juan Cruz Barrionuevo - Argentina
  • Juan Esteban Duque - Colombia
  • Juan Felipe Quiñonez - Ecuador
  • Juanjo Sánchez Aedo Arrieta - Mexico
  • Lu Liu - China
  • Luis Miguel Rivera - Ecuador
  • Malena Ramos -  Mexico
  • Manuel Muñoz - Argentina
  • María José Brito - Ecuador
  • María José Cachau - Argentina/Switzerland
  • María José Rodríguez de Vera - Spain
  • Mariam Ghaznavi - Pakistan
  • Mariana Sandoval - Mexico
  • Mehdi Gharibi - Iran
  • Meggy Katharopoulou - Greece
  • Michael Sánchez - Philippines
  • Miguel Valle - Spain
  • Nathalie Flasz - Venezuela
  • Nourhan Rabah - Lebanon
  • Oscar Maciel González - Mexico
  • Simona Vega - Dominican Republic
  • Steven Jacovic - USA
  • Vasiliki Anagnostopoulou - Greece
  • Virginia Cid - Argentina

Master in Collective Housing UPM/ETH

The Master of Advance Studies in Collective HousingMCH, is a postgraduate full-time international professional program of advanced architecture design in cities and housing presented by Universidad Politécnica of Madrid (UPM) and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH).
The next edition of the MAS in Collective Housing will start in March 2021. The application period is still opened, and it will remain so till 10.02.2021 or until vacancies are filled. Apply now!
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