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Scholarship Goals and the Master in Collective Housing jointly call for a scholarships’ programme to take part in the Master in Collective Housing for its 11th Edition (MCH2019). 
The goal of this call is to motivate architecture professionals’ training in order to give response to a growing demand of professionals within the master’s areas regarding Smart Cities such as Big Data, IoT and Visual and space Analytics. Those issues will be considered mainly in one of the specialties of the program, "City Sciences". 

These financial aids are co-financed by the  European Social Fund: "ESF invests in your future" (ESF) inside its 2014-2020 agenda, specifically inside the Employment, Formation and Education operational Program (POEFE), agreement number C002/17-ED.


To whom are the scholarships addressed?


Scholarships are addressed to European university graduates in Architecture and Urban Design, with scarce economical resources and a prominent professional potential, wanting to complete their professional development by taking part in a specialized master course. 


Scholarship’ amount


The scholarships’ amount will be between a minimum of 1.000 € discount and a maximum of 5.000 € discount on the tuition fee.




Scholarships are available to those fulfilling the following requirements:

  • Being of Spanish or European nationality
  • Holding an official degree as an architect or urban designer
  • Being successfully admitted and inscribed in the Master in Collective Housing prior to the scholarship application's deadline
  • Not having or being recipient of any other public scholarship’s programme, either national, autonomic or local, received in order to follow the Master’s course
  • Being employed, self-employed or inscribed as unemployed at the moment of the scholarship application
  • Not having economic or any other impediments to follow and complete the whole Master’s programme

Documents to provide

  • DNI or Passport photocopy and current residence credentials.
  • Updated CV.
  • Copy of University degree title and studies’ transcript of the applicant.
  • Copy of last tax declaration, or document stating economical situation. Non-Spanish applicants unable to provide the required documents should provide a sworn declaration of their economical situation.
  • Statement of not being recipient of any additional scholarships or income intended to follow the Master’s course.
  • Any other further documents that the applicant considers to be relevant in order to obtain the scholarship, such as recommendation letters, motivation letter, English certificates,...



Announcement’s opening date: March 12th 2018
Announcement’s closing date: September 30th 2018


Documents’ submission

Email to:


Admission Criteria

 The Admission and Scholarships’ Committee would take into account the following criteria in order to grant scholarships and their quantity if granted:

  • University Califications obtained by the applicant
  • Impression obtained through the application process. Personal interview.
  • Incomes and economical familiar situation
  • Further academic and professional achievements and/or personal status credited by the applicant.

Link to official announcement, website (Spanish)


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