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Roberto Morales Guijarro, a former participant of the MCH'2011, has been selected together with his team of TEC Taller EC, as the winning team for the competition of the MAQ Mercado Artesanal de Quito in Ecuador. 


The competition was organized by Mercado Artesanal de Quito, and the proposal of the team of TEC Taller EC was announced as the winners. The team was formed by Roberto Morales and Pablo Castro as the project leaders, and Juan Ruiz, Cynthia Quintero and Hector Barreto in the architectural team.

"First prize Competition Artisan Market in Quito"

From the architects:

It is a free and spacious structure, a volume composed of a base of andesita stone and a wood cover that together, with the minimum possible material, develops the maximum amount of cubic meters in addition to heating, protect from the wind, ventilate, provide shade and isolate.


In front of the traditional artisan’s market of greater commercial affluence in the capital, a new proposal is developed consisting of a traditional market stimulated by several complementary activities that promote the craft trade developed nationally as an attraction for domestic and international tourists.



48 artisan’s shops, with restaurants and an indoor plaza with indigenous murals the main idea of the project is to promote the trade of local national handcrafts, but also to experience an attractive journey, which shows different historical, social, tourist and cultural aspects of Ecuador. Therefore, the whole project is based on the user’s journey through the urban and architectural elements, which organize the fixed program. With the intention of becoming a cultural-artisan icon acting as an urban catalyst - the project is an urban structure open to all citizens.


The Plaza of the Communities is created and located in the inner corner of the lot in the first floor, where all the passages, museum passages, stairs and elevator converge as the unifying core of the visitor’s journey and the art shows (dance, music, poetry, theater) are developed for the users. This element works as a continuous entry of natural light and ventilation, which activates deadlocks such as the corner lots, and also helps for the cross ventilation on all the floors of the building. On the second floor, the food court is organized by a central patio for the tables with 8 shops around it, towards Jorge Washington Street the interior space is extended with covered outdoor terraces and vegetation on the ground floor slab.



Inside the sun's rays have been intercepted, it is in the shade without having lost the light, in an internal volumetry that allows different heights under a homogenous light. The space works like a greenhouse open to the northeast, catching the rays of the early morning sun so that it is not necessary to heat the interior space using other means.


From the exterior, the architecture does not strive to disappear, it is perceived ordered as a product of its interior logic focusing on the relationship between the interior and exterior through the upper opening.


Master in Collective Housing UPM/ETH

We love to know that our MCH participants are doing a great job in their countries. The MCH team congratulates Roberto and his team for this amazing result! 
The Master of Advanced Studies in Collective Housing is a postgraduate full-time international professional program offered by Universidad Politécnica of Madrid (UPM) and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH).  Next edition of the MCH begins in January 2019, and the application period is opened till 31.12.2018. Apply Now!
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