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The finalists of the FAD 2020 Architecture and Interior Design Awards, one of the oldest awards at European level, are presented during the Architecture Week 2020. This year, the awards linked to Spanish architecture highlight those projects aimed at an architecture that seeks a dialogue with space and nature. Read on to find out about the finalists in each category.

The FAD Awards finalists for Architecture and Interior Design 2020 

The FAD Awards for Architecture and Interior Design, granted by the ArquinFAD Association for the Promotion of Arts and Design (FAD), have reached their 62nd edition. Founded in 1958 by the architect Oriol Bohigas with the aim of promoting new avant-garde trends after the war, they are the oldest architectural awards in Europe.


On May 7th 2020, the finalists were announced for this 62nd edition of the FAD Awards for Architecture and Interior Design, where 27 finalists and 49 projects were selected in different categories from a total of 484 entries. The jury of the 2020 edition is chaired by the architect Anna Ramos, together with Atxu Amann, Cristina Bestratén, Tomás López Amat, David Morros and Marc Aureli Santos. The finalists in each category can be found below.


Architecture Category

Within the category of Architecture, projects that respond to the dialogue between the building and the context, strategy and craft with space and nature have been highlighted. Therefore, projects that generate systems rather than objects stand out. In this category, 171 projects have been presented. The following finalists have been highlighted.


Teleclub with heating mattresses, Soria.

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Casa da Anguía de Barral in Castrelo de Miño, Ourense.


Campañó football field, in Pontevedra.


Library of the Molí de Molins de Rei building, Barcelona.


Living by the sea in Cartagena, Murcia.


Refuge for weekend in Isòvol, Girona.


Landaburu Borda in Bera, Navarra.


79 Houses in Sant Boi de Llobregat, Barcelona.


Block of flats in Pujades street, Barcelona.


APROP Ciutat Vella, Barcelona.


Passivhaus Retirement Home, Zamora.


Interior Design Category

In this case, the projects that generate great contributions to the way of living and occupying space, expressing the maximum potential of each of the places, have been chosen. These are the finalists in this category among 200 works presented.


Pilarica 81: Elements to recover industrial spaces, Madrid.


Run Run Run, Madrid.


5* Hotel interior design, restaurants and leisure centre, Badajoz.


Painting and coating projects for CEB 2019 schools, Barcelona.


La Nave, Madrid. 


SequenceHouse: scenery of living for a single in Madrid.


CasaA12, Madrid


City and Landscape Category

For the category of City and Landscape, the choice was based on projects that stand out for promoting life in common, aligned with the physical and human landscape to generate sensorially full atmospheres. 60 projects have been received in this category. The finalists are the following:


Mansilla Mayor Square, Leon


Emergency stage design in Olot, Girona.


Camino de Cabrianes Landscape regeneration in Sallent, Barcelona.



Balena, Barcelona


Gardens of Doctor Pla i Armegol in the Guinardó district, Barcelona.


Short-term interventions Category

In the category of Ephemeral Interventions, the chosen projects propose paradigm shifts in their challenges by taking advantage of their ephemeral condition to experiment. From 53 projects, the finalists are the following:


Mad X Mad, Madrid.


Barcelona Building Construmat Common Spaces, Barcelona.


Transparent tunnel. Explore the Restoration, Barcelona


Cumulonimbus, Olot, Girona.


Internacional Awards

ArquinFAD also announces the 7th edition of the International FAD Awards, where all studios with headquarters in Spain will be eligible for the award. The scope of the prizes is international, accepting those projects by peninsular architects that have been carried out all over the world between 2017 and 2019 in the categories of Architecture, Interior Design, City and Landscape and Ephemeral Interventions. In this case, the jury of the 2020 edition is formed by Mario Corea, Miguel Roldán and Jelena Prokopljević. From the 42 proposals received, 5 finalists have been chosen, evaluating aspects such as quality, themes or initiative over the dimensions and budgets. 



Torcuato Di Tella University in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts in Lausanne, Switzerland


Public Mixed-use Block 43-10 in Shangai, China.


La Roma Reurbano, Mexico City.


Secondary School and auxiliary buildings in Koudougou, Burkina Faso.


If you want to see all the finalist projects of the FAD 2020 Architecture and Interior Design Awards, you can do it at through the ArquinFAD Foundation website.


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