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The books "Thermodynamic Interactions" by Professor Javier Garcia Germán, which contains classes and workshops about sustainability and energy that the author gave on MCH / ETH, and "Collective Housing in Spain. XX century " by José María Lapuerta, professor and director of MCH / ETH, have both received awards in the last Spanish Architecture Biennial, in the Disclosure category.

"Thermodynamic Interactions", to be published in the coming weeks by the American publisher ACTAR-D, and written entirely in English, is a book sponsored by the ETSAM and MCH / ETH. It deals with the collaboration between Architecture and other disciplines, as Meteorology, Thermodynamics or Physiology, to study them from a holistic point of view. What kind of atmospheres and climates are generated by buildings, what physiological effects have those microclimates created within these buildings in the human body? These are some of the questions that Germán resolves in his book.

Meanwhile, "Collective Housing in Spain. XX century "is a selection of 83 works of Collective Housing, made in Spain between 1929 and 1992, in which the progress of each project is summarized to extract its core values ??as a tool for the city.

García-Germán and Lapuerta have not been the only MCH ambassadors in the Biennial. Other professor, Juan Herreros, who led several workshops, has been awarded for his “Madrid Centro” revitalization project. This project is run with Salvador Perez Arroyo and Jose Maria Ezquiaga, Dean of Madrid College of Architects.

In general, the XII Biennial of Spanish Architecture and Urbanism has awarded 15 projects and distinguished 27 finalists, from the 583 proposals submitted.

In the conversion and reuse of existing buildings and resources section, it has awarded the Cineteca Matadero, Madrid, by Churtichaga-Quadra Salcedo; Pilgrimage Museum and the City, Santiago de Compostela, by Manuel Gallego Jorreto; restoration and rehabilitation of the Hipódromo de la Zarzuela racecourse, Madrid, by Junquera Architects; Medialab Prado, by Langarita-Navarro Architects and New Hertziana Librarya Max Planck Institut, Rome, by Juan Navarro.

And this is just the beginning. We are sure that, in the next months, we will have more news of MCH professors awarded with other prestigious prizes.

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