The international study trip is one of the most special moment of the academic programme.

During the journey, that take place every year, MCH participants have the opportunity to visit buildings, housing-related institutions and universities, accompanied by architects and/or experts. Being closer to the architects, visiting their offices, making field visits and actually standing in the projects carried out by them, makes the MCH participants feel very motivated, with new ideas about housing, architecture and the city.

Thanks to the agreement with ETH Zurich, the most prestigious technology university in the world, Switzerland has been the most frequent destination during the past editions, but MCH has also travelled to other countries such as France, The Netherlands, and United Kingdom.

Siedlung Frohheim, Zürich-Affoltern. Müller Sigrist. MCH2019

FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais, Dunkerque, Lacaton & Vassal. MCH2017

Ville Le Lac. Corseaux. Le Corbusier.

MCH 2021

Eden Bio. Paris. Edouard François. MCH2020