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Why MCH?

The Master of Advanced Studies in Collective Housing is a postgraduate professional program of advanced architecture design focused on housing, city and energy studies. The value of this unique program lies in its excellence and practice-oriented synthesis of design with integrated disciplines and theoretical issues of dwelling and housing.


MCH is directed by Prof. José María de Lapuerta (UPM) 


Teaching goals: High qualification

Professionals from all nations who have demonstrated a high professional level are trained in city dwelling specialties, learning new design strategies with an extremely practical approach and increasing their knowledge in the following specialization fields:

  • Energy and sustainability
  • Housing theory
  • Construction & technology
  • Leadership, Processes & Entrepreneurship
  • Urban design
  • Low-cost & emergency housing
  • Sociology, economy & politics
  • City sciences
  • Housing projects


UPM and ETH join forces to offer the first UPM / ETH Diploma: “Master of Advanced Studies UPM/ETH in Collective Housing”. ETH Zurich, the most prestigious technology university in the world, signed in 2016 an agreement with UPM that officially recognizes MCH as one of its MAS programs, validating this master with the same recognition than existing further postgraduate courses offered at ETH Zurich. This agreement is based on the importance and commitment of MCH with excellence since its foundation in 2006, when it was offered for the first time at UPM, ETSAM Madrid.


From 2017 on, every year’s program is co-designed with UPM-ETH professors: a unique, excellent and comprehensive course of further education on the subject of Housing. For ETH, it offers a unique opportunity for cooperation, in that there is no need to invent and build up a similar course at ETH itself. It is an opportunity for mutual exchange and for the expansion of these Universities’ respective networks within the Latin and German/Anglo-Saxon cultural environments. 

The MCH diploma issued at course completion entitles participants which had a successful performance as “Master of Advanced Studies UPM/ETH in Collective Housing”, with a certificate that will display both UPM and ETH logos.


Responsible body

Leading house: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid (ETSAM)

Chair of the Design Studio Department, Dr. José Maria de Lapuerta


Support partner: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH), Department of Architecture (D-ARCH)

Prof. Dr. Elli Mosayebi



The thorough selection process of architects and the intensive experience in Madrid create bonds that are meant to last in time. With the help of MCH Alumni, we set in contact participants of different editions to create the basis for research, knowledge and opportunity sharing.


The reduced number of participants allows a close contact with professors as well, who use to respond in a generous way, helping participants to increase their career improvement opportunities.



Occupation & career upgrade

One of our main goals is the job placement of our specialist professionals, who can address global problems and take crucial roles in the most relevant architecture offices. They can also make an important impact in urban, landscaping planning and make contributions in fields such as environmental science, emergency housing or critique of architecture. 


The MCH Office will provide support and help to participants in their search of new positions, based on their performance throughout the  course.


MCH is keen on teamwork because it is the way offices and research labs function today.

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