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Carolina Martín Peñuela
MCH2019, Spain

After meeting Jacob van Rijs, founding partner of MVRDV, at the MCH, Carolina decided to apply for a position in this worldwide known office. MVRDV is for sure one of the top 3 offices in the Netherlands. Carolina has been part of Team Asia, for 2 years. With more than 200 architects hired, MVRDV is a reference for innovative constructive systems, conceptually strong proposals and unique housing solutions.

Now, Carolina has achieved the "Marie Curie" scholarship to do her PhD about "Mass Customization of Affordable and Sustainable Housing" at ISCTE University in Lisbon.


Meggy Katharopoulou
MCH2020, Greece

Meggy Katharopoulou found a very nice job opportunity in Basel, Switzerland. For her, it was always clear that she would like to develop her career in a central European country, such as The Netherlands or Switzerland, so she knocked several doors, till she reached her goal. The office on3, where she will work as junior architect, has lots of collective housing projects, so it is the perfect frame to put all her recently adquired knowledge into practice.

Simona Vega
MCH2020, Dominican Republic

Simona had a brilliant performance during the last workshop of her edition, led by Dietmar Eberle, who is founding partner of "be Baumschlager Eberle Architekten" and the only workshop leader that has participated in all MCH editions since its foundation in 2006. Anne Speicher, CEO of the be Paris office, welcomed the whole MCH group during our study trip to France, not only at the be Paris office, but also at the Felix Eboué building site. Those meetings resulted in an offer to join the office for Simona, so she will move to Paris in January 2021. With more than 240 people hired, be Architekten is a reference office for clear, strong and sustainable projects.

María José Rodríguez de Vera
MCH2020, Spain

María José decided to spontaneusly apply for a position at "be Baumschlager Eberle Architekten", just after submitting her final MCH work. She was interviewed and proposed to join the central office, located in Lustenau, Austria, where Professor Dietmar Eberle works. The company's headquarter has a very innovative design, which follows the concept 2226, a way to build using passive systems to improve the energy efficency of the building. With more than 240 people hired, be Architekten is a reference office for clear, strong and sustainable projects.

Manuel Muñoz
MCH2020, Argentina

Manuel, born in Argentina, but holder of an European passport, also applied spontaneusly for a position at "be Baumschlager Eberle Architekten". He was interviewed and proposed to join one of the Swiss offices, located in Sankt Gallen. Established in 2006 as a centre for innovation. Their order book currently includes local projects and others in Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Geneva, Lugano, Luxembourg und Oslo. With more than 240 people hired, be Architekten is a reference office for clear, strong and sustainable projects.

María José Cachau
MCH2020, Argentina

María José decided to stay in Spain after finishing her final MCH work. Both her personal profile and main field of interest are related with management and with a more technical way of working as an architect. Therefore, she focused her research in corporative companies, such us ARUP, IDOM, Typsa, AECOM or Sener, finally finding her suitable opportunity at Dove Vivo, an Italian company which is currently opening a new office in Madrid.

Juan Esteban Duque
MCH2020, Colombia

With the clear goal of staying in Spain as a first step to develop a PhD in the future, Juan Esteban decided to look for professional opportunities in Madrid. His previous experience in Colombia was highly linked to the construction site and to project management, skills that he will be able to reinforce working at Elephas Studio, a company based in Madrid. Their services are related with rentals management, refurbishments and investment in the real estate market.

Marielle Samayoa Escobar
MCH2019, Guatemala

After some working experiences in USA, Japan, Germany, France and Guatemala, Marielle was interested in working in Spain. Some months after MCH conclusion, she could begin a collaboration with Javier García-Germán, specialty leader of Energy & Sustainability at the MCH at TAAs. ToTem arquitectos asociados was founded in 2005 by Javier and Alia García-Germán as a professional practice focused on architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and urban planning. Their commitment is to find synergies between design practices and sustainability issues, responding in an innovative manner to emerging demands.

Carlos Chauca Galicia
MCH2018, Peru

After participating in some competitions at RBTA Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura, Carlos Chauca Galicia, from Peru, decided to move to Austria, where he currently lives with his family. Baumschlager Eberle Architekten Lustenau hired him as an architect, as part of the design team of the office.

Andrea Mantecón
MCH2018, Mexico

Andrea's professional career begun in Zacatecas, Mexico, where she was born. She studied architecture in Spain and at the IIT in USA, getting her Bachelor Degree in Mexico. After some time as a freelance there, she decided to build up an international career, starting with an internship in China and following it with some years of professional experience in New York, at GUILD and Adjaye Associates. After getting her MCH Diploma, she was hired at Herzog & de Meuron in Basel, Switzerland, where she currently works and lives.

Francisco Espinosa

Before coming back to Australia, where Francisco lives and works since 2011, Baumschlager Eberle Architekten offered him a stage at their Lustenau office, in Austria, to join their competition team and deepen in their working methodology. Francisco’s proposal for Dietmar Eberle’s workshop was rated as one of the best of the class, both by professors and colleagues. 

Prajakta Gawde
MCH2018, India

After meeting Jacob van Rijs, founding partner of MVRDV, at the MCH, Prajakta decided to apply for a position in this worldwide known office. MVRDV is for sure one of the top 3 offices in the Netherlands, with projects in India, where Prajakta comes from, and many other countries in the world. With more than 200 architects hired, MVRDV is a reference for innovative constructive systems, conceptually strong proposals and unique housing solutions.

Luis Martín / Carlos Chauca
MCH2018, Spain/Peru

In this case, Carlos and Luis were selected to participate in a masterplan competition in Xiongan, China  RBTA Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura reinforced their competition team with this two brilliant architects, who are giving their best to contribute to the office’s success. RBTA Office is already in the second stage of the competition, together with other international offices as Foster&Partners, SOM and ARUP.

Laura Soto
MCH2018, Colombia

Before coming back to her home country, where she co-founded Hilada Arquitectos with her partner Eduardo Ochoa, Laura worked with professor Carmen Espegel and her team for an urban competition of collective housing and complementary uses building in Bogotá, Colombia,  where they were invited to participate.

Rosario Pastore
MCH2018, Argentina

Rosario, who had already been working in Basel before coming to MCH, decided to help this young studio called Gruner&Skrein in a competition to build the New Sports Arena in Olympia Park, in Munich. Switzerland is a reference for architects, because of the high building standards and qualitative results.

Candelaria Cáceres
MCH2018, Argentina

After finishing the Master in 2018, Candelaria Caceres went back to her country and started working with Estudio Montevideo. It is a young architecture and interior design office that was born in Cordoba, Argentina in 2015. Throughout these years they have developed more than 60 projects in Argentina, Chile, Spain, Belgium and France among others. In 2018 Estudio Montevideo opened a new office in Madrid, with the aim of expanding their ideas in the world.

Elena Sofia Congiu
MCH2018, Italy

Elena Congiu, from Italy, has joined the team of Adamo-Faiden Arquitectos in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Elena was looking for a new job experience and she found the right one in this talented office in Buenos Aires, which has built really interesting housing projects in Argentina, Uruguay, and others. 

Gonzalo Lozano Arce
MCH2017, Spain

Gonzalo's profile as an architect had always be a creative one. His field of interest is design, but after MCH he wanted to link it to the development of innovative housing projects. That was a perfect match for the office Gmür Geschwentner, based in Zürich, Switerland, and co-founded by Patrick Gmür. In 2017, this brilliant architect expert in housing, led the fifth workshop of the year, discovering then Gonzalo's skills for architecture design. 

Marta Juliana Abril
MCH2017, Spain

Marta already had 3-years experience of architectural practice in Madrid and São Paulo offices before joining MCH. During that period, she designed social housing and mixed-use projects. Her creativity and architectural sensibility were key to win a stage at the Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani office in Milan, Italy. Through a MCH-exclusive selection process, she was selected among some outstanding MCH alumni of the 2017 edition. Professor Lampugnani, who also leads the office Baukontor in Zürich, Switzerland, led the specialty Urban Design at the 2017 MCH Edition.

Heidi de Moya
MCH2012, Dominican Republic

Heidi works currently as Director of the Architecture and Urbanism School of the National University Pedro Henríquez Ureña in Dominican Republic. She started teaching there in 2012, just after finishing MCH, and her experience, together with a Master in Project Management done in that same University, helped her to reach this important leading position in the academic world. In parallel, Heidi continues practising architecture at her company Arquitectura y Planificación.

Jorge Sotelo
MCH2011, Spain

After working for very important offices in Spain, such as Estudio Lamela and b720 Architectos, Jorge chose to spend some years working in Europe. In 2012, he was hired by Herzog & de Meuron, where his previous experience with large architecture offices and brilliant portfolio where really appreciated. He lived in Basel, Switzerland, during 3 years, coming back to Madrid in 2015 and opening his own office Álvarez Sotelo Arquitectos, together with his partner Jorge Álvarez.

Marcos Romero Díaz
MCH2011, Spain

Wiel Arets participated at the MCH2011 as workshop leader. During that week, he had the chance to meet many of the MCH participants that he would later on hire. Marcos was one of them: he moved to Zürich, Switzerland, where he continues working for the WAA office located there. He has developed several competitions for the office since then, and he has been part of the architects team involved in the Europaallee Site D project, a central office building that hosts the headquarters of Google in Switzerland.

Danilo Brechner
MCH2011, Uruguay

Wiel Arets participated at the MCH2011 as workshop leader. During that week, he had the chance to meet many of the MCH participants that he would later on hire. Danilo was one of them: he was appointed to work for the recently founded WAA office in Berlin and also for the WAA office in Amsterdam. He continued his enriching European working experience in London, and after some years, he decided to come back to Uruguay, where he leads BRS architects, together with his partner Luis Sancassano.

Kino Fernández
MCH2011, Spain

After completing MCH, Kino decided to build up an international career, starting in Ljubljana, where he worked at OFIS architects. OFIS, led by Rok Oman and Špela Videčnik, who taught at the MCH in the past, is one of the most important European offices in housing. In 2013, he worked as an architect in Shanghai, where he stayed for 2 years, just before moving to London, where he currently lives. Since February 2015, Kino belongs to the Foster + Partners team in that city.

Andrea Torregrosa
MCH2011, Spain

Andrea stayed in Madrid just after completing MCH. She colaborated with different architecture offices, she did some rearch at UPM and she managed the Master in City Sciences, before getting the La Caixa Scholarship, which allowed her to join the Master in City Planning of the Massachusetts Institute of Technolgy (MIT). After 2 years in Boston, she was hired by McKinsey & Partners, where she currently works as consultant for the real estate and urban planning sector. Since October 2020, she is Associate Partner at the Madrid office.

Victor Ebergenyi
MCH2011, Mexico

Being part of the MCH student body was also the chance for Victor to get to know professor Dietmar Eberle in person. Victor had already some international working experience, in Mexico, Chile and Canada, but he was interested in learning more in Europe. After an interview in Lochau, Austria, Victor was hired at the Baumschlager Eberle office located in Vaduz, Liechstenstein. Practicing first hand the architecture principles of that office has been key for the development of his own architecture principles. Victor came back to Mexico, and after working at his own office in Mexico city, and later on at the Infonavit, he decided to stablish his own office in Cancún: Kiltro Polaris.

Rosario Segado
MCH2011, Spain

Joining MCH2011 meant for Rosario the beginning of her international exposure in architecture. Her successful performance at the workshop led by Andrea Deplazes in the Master in Collective Housing helped her to get a job opportunity at Professor Deplazes' own architecture office, Bearth & Deplazes, located in Chur, Switzerland. That experience was followed by a 4-years working time at BGP Zürich, where she developed several competitions and participated in the execution project of a large collective housing project. It was in 2016, while the agreement between UPM and ETH was being signed, when she was offered to come back to Madrid as manager of the Master of Advanced Studies UPM/ETH in Collective Housing.

Rubén Pérez Penedo
MCH2011, Venezuela

Wiel Arets participated at the MCH2011 as workshop leader. During that week, he had the chance to meet many of the MCH participants that he would later on hire. Rubén was one of them: he moved to Amsterdam, where he stayed for one year. After spending some time in Venezuela, his origin country, he decided to settle in Madrid, where he has realised several housing refurbishments and retail projects.

Celina Barrancos
MCH2011, Spain

Wiel Arets participated at the MCH2011 as workshop leader. During that week, he had the chance to meet many of the MCH participants that he would later on hire. Celina was one of them: she moved to Maastrich, where she worked as an architect for more than one year. Her professional path continued in Spain, Belgium and Chile. At present, she is back to Madrid.

Gaspar Fernández
MCH2010, Spain

Gaspar could also use MCH as a platform to start working in an international way. He spent some time in the Netherlands, working for the office Claus en Kaan, which was led at that time by the architect and MCH professor Felix Claus. His next step was moving to Switzerland, where he started designing architecture in Luzern to continue later on in a company linked to architecture and real estate management. That experience, together with an additional training in Project Management helped him to set the basis for his own company Huus, where he currently manages investments and develops housing refurbishments in Spain.

Alexander Díaz-Chyla
MCH2010, Spain

Alexander works currently as Seniour Acoustic Consultant in ARUP Spain. Just after finishing MCH, he did his International PhD in Architecture at the ETSAM Department of Building and Architectural Technology, becoming a Doctor Architect in Building Acoustics. He is also regular lecturer at UPM since 2012, and Member of the Spanish mirror commitee CEN TC 126/WG12 BIM Acoustics. His current position at ARUP Spain has allowed him to participate in important projects, such as the Future Camp Nou Stadium in Barcelona, among many others.

Ramón Álvarez Roa
MCH2009, Spain

Ramón's performance at MCH attracted the attention of Wiel Arets, who was leading a workshop during that 2009 Edition. After completing the program, he moved to Amsterdam, where he joined the WAA office for two years. His professional path has been linked to Central Europe since then, as he currently works as project architect at POLO architects in Antwerp, Belgium.

Esperanza Campaña
MCH2009, Spain

Unlike most of her MCH colleagues, Esperanza chose to invest time in research just after completing MCH. She got her Research Doctorate in Advanced Architectural Projects MPAA as a first step to obtain her PhD at UPM. During that time, she was teaching at ETSAM and she also did a doctoral stage at ETH Zürich. That was possible because of her previous contacts with Carmen Espegel and Dietmar Eberle, both of them key MCH professors. Esperanza teaches nowadays at the Umea University in Sweden, while leading two architecture companies (Architectural Matter and Salto Proyectos) with her partner Gustavo Rojas.

Bernardo Martín
MCH2006, Uruguay

Bernardo Martin became full professor at the Uruguayan Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo in 2017. In 2019, he published the book ZIPPED - The space in small Japanese houses, which shows the special conditions of the domestical inner space in a collection of small single family houses designed by freelance architects in residential areas of major Japanase cities during the first years of the 21st century. His PhD, in which this publication is based, was directed by José María de Lapuerta Montoya, MCH director.

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