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Architect-US is a company which looks for temporary job opportunities for architects in the USA, and provides assistance to get the necessary J1 Visa. They help young international talents to find a job in the USA for a maximum stay of 18 months, considering their professional background, interests and preferred destinations.


  • Eligibility: candidates profile

To temporarily work at the USA, candidates will need to get a J1 Visa, which can be approved for two different kind of profiles:


Profile 1. Interns. Students and professionals who finished their architectural studies during the last 12 months will be considered Interns (for the VISA process), even if they work as architects, with tasks corresponding to their current professional category and with a salary calculated taking into consideration their real working experience. The J1 Visa for interns can be obtained for a maximum of 12 months.


Profile 2. Trainees. Professionals who finished their architectural studies more than 12 months ago will be considered Trainees (for the VISA process). They will work as architects, with tasks corresponding to their current professional category and with a salary calculated taking into consideration their real working experience. The J1 Visa for trainees can be obtained for a maximum of 18 months.


- Most MCH Alumni can apply to this J1 VISA as trainees, which allow them to get a longer working experience in the USA.

- It is not necessary to be enrolled at UPM or any other University to apply to this J1 Visa, as this working experience does not belong to a specific University program, as MCH. It will not be done through COIE.

- It is not necessary to be enrolled at UPM as student during the stay in the USA, as this working experience does not belong to a specific UPM program, as MCH. It will not be done through COIE.

- All profiles will be analyzed by the Selection Committee of Architect-US. Around 30% of applicants are discarded.

- After being accepted by the Architect-US Selection Committe, candidates will have access to a job bank where open selection processes are announced.

- The American Office hosting selected candidates has the last word, they will be the ones making the last choice, among candidades proposed by Architect-US.


For reasons related to U.S. diplomatic relations, completely alien to the MCH and Architect-US, the following countries are not allowed to apply to the J1 Visa: Syria, Libya, Belarus, Yemen, Venezuela, North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan.

For the rest of the countries, there is no formal ban but the ones with weak economies and political unrest would be very difficult to obtain such a Nigeria or Philippines.

  • MCH Alumni Exclusive Advantages

Thanks to the agreement signed with Architect-US, MCH alumni who are interested in working for some time in the United States will profit from some exclusive benefits. Their participation in the Master of Advanced Studies in Collective Housing guarantees their high educational level, that's why they will be given preference during the candidates' selection process. They will also have preferential access to choose the architectural firms where they would like to work.


These are some of the studios which use to collaborate with Architect-US:

  • Adjaye Associates
  • Alloy Development
  • Andre Kikoski Architects
  • Architecture Plus Information
  • AT Architects
  • Aubertine and Currier
  • B+A Architecture
  • Bentobuild - Bentobox
  • Bermello Ajamil & Partners Inc
  • Beyer Blinder Belle
  • Bittoni Architects
  • BRG Studio
  • Buddy Warren Home
  • Bulley and Andrews LLC
  • Cetra Ruddy
  • Christian Lahoude Studio
  • Cicognani Kalla Architect
  • CLL - Concept Lighting Lab
  • Corgan
  • Dattner Architects
  • David Bers
  • Diller Scofidio + Renfro
  • Doo Architecture
  • Dull Olson Weekes - IBI Group Architects Inc
  • Duncan Miller Ullman
  • Edmonds Lee Architects
  • Fernando Romero
  • FX Collaborative
  • Garrison Architects
  • George Sexton Associates, LLC
  • GF55 Architects
  • Gilsanz Murray Steficek
  • Handel Architects
  • HMC Architects
  • HOK
  • IndiDesign
  • INTELAE Architecture
  • Interstice Architects
  • ITEC Entertainment
  • Jones Architecture
  • Jorge Mastropietro Architect Atelier
  • JW Architects LTD
  • Karim Rashid Inc
  • Ken Linsteadt Architects
  • KFA
  • Kieran Timberlake
  • Laguarda Low Architects
  • Landworks Studio inc
  • Leroy Street Studio Architecture, D.P.C.
  • M-Rad
  • MacCracken Architects
  • Manske Dieckmann Thompson Architecture
  • Matthew Baird Architects PLLC
  • MEIS
  • MN DPC
  • Morphosis Architects
  • MQ Architecture
  • MVMK Architecture
  • nArchitects
  • NBBJ
  • Nelligan White Architects
  • Neukomm
  • OBR Architecture
  • Old Structures Engineering
  • OMA New York
  • One Hat One Hand
  • Oonagh Ryan Architects Inc (ORA)
  • Palette Architecture
  • Paragon Solutions (before: BUILD ACADEMY INC)
  • PFA Architects
  • Plain Space
  • Plato Studio
  • PorterFanna Architects
  • READ Architecture Design DPC
  • Reddymade Architecture
  • Relativity Architects
  • Restoration Hardware
  • Rolluda Architects
  • S9 Architecture
  • Scalar Architecture
  • SHoP Architects
  • Skidmore Owings and Merrill LLP
  • Snøhetta
  • Solomon Cordwell Buenz
  • Space 4 Architecture
  • Spillman Farmer Architects
  • Standard Architecture
  • Steven Kratchman Architect
  • Studio Christian Wassmann
  • Studio Tack
  • StudioMDA
  • TEN Arquitectos
  • Tom Cody Design
  • Topology Eyewear (Bespoke Inc.)
  • Torrence Architects
  • Troutbeck
  • Von Dalwig
  • Walters Zackria Architects
  • Wheeler Kearns Architects
  • Work Architecture
  • WORKac
  • Workshop/APD
  • Young Projects
  • Service offered (Job + J1 Visa Program)

Architect-US facilitates and organizes participants’ arrival in the USA, taking care of their J1 Visa sponsorship, health insurance and all required documentation to comply with the Department of State regulations. They also provide 24/7 assistance.


Architect-US closely monitors the quality of the internship and training programs, establishing minimum wages according to academic training and years of experience of the candidate.  Architect-US will only offer internship/training positions regulated on the DS-7002, with a compensation wage that comply with the following minimum wage per candidate’s years of experience:

Experience/ Wage 

It is the same for Interns and Trainees VISAs, as this is calculated considering the real working experience of the selected professional.


- student: $25.000 

- <1 year: $31.000 

- 1-2 years: $40.000 

- 3-4 years: $52.000

- 5-6 years: $60.000 

- 7-8 years: $71.000

- 9-10 years: $79.000

- >10 years: $88.000


These figures are indicative and may vary in function of the company (size, activity, location ...) and the negotiation during the interview with the candidate.

  • Architect-US service fees and costs

The cost of the J1 Visa Program depends on:

- The Visa lenght (3, 6, 12 or 18 months)

- The type of profile (intern or trainee)

Health insurance & SEVIS Fees are included.


3 months $ 1.285 $ 1.358
6 months $ 1.603 $ 1.724
12 months $ 2.191 $ 2.256
18 months - $ 2.841






+ 8% of yearly salary offered by the American Host Company

(proportionally adjusted to the lenght of the stay in the USA)

Program fees DO cover:

* Search of a compensated internship or trainee position
* Expert advice on licensure requirements process (AIA, IDP, ARE’s)
* J-1 Visa sponsorship applicaton processing
* Issuance and shipping of DS-2019 Form and acceptance packet
* Accident & Sickness Insurance for entre program with
* Mandatory $220 SEVIS fee
* Informatve dossier: bank account opening, housing, social security number, taxes,...
* 24-hour emergency support for duration of program
* English interview

Program fees DO NOT cover:

* Embassy/Consulate $160 Application Fee
* Airfare tickets
* Cost of living

Important notes

- All prices will be converted in euros (€) at the time of payment as per the exchange value of the transaction day.

- Spanish citizens will be subjected to IVA Tax (21%).

- Admission is subjected to Selection Committee evaluation. In case of accepted there will be an initial payment of $400 to be deducted from the total Program cost, when Architect-US has found an internship or training position for the participant. That cost grants the participants' participation in at least 3 selection processes in one year.

- 50% of the Job + J-1 Visa Program Cost must be paid at the time of Host Company offer acceptance, in order to secure the position.

- Full Program cost must be paid in full (remaining 50% minus initiation fee) in order to start with visa application.

Additional program-related fees applied to all Architect-US programs (not covered by the fees described above)
These amounts are not compulsory in all cases. They are required just sometimes, so it will be studied case by case.

- Site Visit when required by the Sponsor: $450
- DS-2019 Expedite Issuance Service, when required by participant or host company: $1050
- DS-2019 Re-Print + FeDex shipment: $300
- Additional insurance during grace period (30 days maximum): $150
- J-2 Dependant Visa Arrangements (spouse or child): $1050
- J-2 Dependant Insurance: $80/month
- No SEVIS Fee for Dependents (spouse or child)
- Visa extension fees (to a maximum of 18 months in total, no more extensions allowed with this type of Visa):
          * 3 to 5 months, $1520
          * 6 to 11 months, $1680
          * 12 to 18 months, $1990

Cancellation policies

Participants may cancel their applications and Architect-US will refund the full program fee, except for the following management fees:

- $750 If the application is cancelled for any reason, once started.

- $750 If the program is cancelled prior to Host Company offer acceptance.

- 75% If the program is cancelled subsequent to Host Company offer acceptance. Cases of force majeure (documented in writing) will be studied case by cases.

- 100% If the program is cancelled after DS-2019 issuance and prior the FedEx package with official documents has been sent out.

- 50% If the J1 Visa is denied providing documented evidence of visa denial in writing.

- 450$ corresponding to Site Visit will not be refounded under any circumstances.

- 1050$ corresponding to the Express service will not be refunded in any case.

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Last Update on: January 22nd 2021

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