Melina Pekholtz
Yasemin Yalcin
Prajakta Gawde
Elena Sofia Congiu
Laura Soto
Andrea Mantecón
Eve Vervelidou
Antonella Peretti
Francisco Espinosa
Carlos Chauca
Manuel Sánchez
Rosario Pastore
Luis Martín
Gabriela Burbano
Jorge Luis Tofiño
María Candelaria Cáceres
Miguel Ángel Valverde
Alejandra Delgado
Georgi Kafelov
Melina Pekholtz



"The MCH is a practical oriented Master degree program which boosted us to reach the most of our capabilities through a very intense process of learning, exchanging critical thinking through all the classes and workshops.


The academic environment  is inspiring, not only for the high level of the professors, but also for the interaction between colleagues, the different points of views we have regarding our own cultures is an invaluable and enriching experience for our professional’s careers and also in our personal lives.


Through the international workshop practices we developed a deeper design insight that led us up to our own way of proposing ideas and acquiring our own architectural housing language. The different professors and workshop leaders had give us a very diverse spectrum of methodologies as well as wide architectural approaches.


With the specialties classes we could have a broad scope of all the issues concerning to housing, not only as an architectural product, also as the main component of the city.


The Zurich trip has been an on-field experience that encouraged us to aim the highest quality in architecture. Been at the housing projects we have been studying  with the author´s of the work, explaining us everything and taking  their time opening their offices for us, has been a great privilege and a great opportunity to  have the chance to exchange with them."