Graduated as Architect from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP) and has a Master in Advanced Studies in Collective Housing from the ETSAM (Spain) and ETH (Switzerland), for which he received the Excellence Scholarship award in 2022.


Founder and director of esteoeste studio since 2012, he has designed educational, hospitality and collective housing projects amongst others; been finalist also in several local and international competitions. The work of the office has been recognized in different publications in digital and print media.


In 2013, his studio was selected to exhibit in the First Biennale of Young Architecture in Peru. In 2017, Arkinka magazine selected them amongst other 7 studios for their seminar and special issue titled “Young Peruvian Architects”.


From 2018 to 2019 he was also Project Coordinator for Reconstruction in the office in charge of school infrastructure at the Ministry of Education of Peru.


In 2021, Andrés was selected to participate representing Peru at the 7th edition of the Latin-American Architecture Biennale (BAL), event that recognizes the best young architectural practices in the region, doing conferences and exhibitions in the CAIXA Foundation in Pamplona, Casa de America in Madrid, and Design Central in Matadero, also in Madrid.


In the academic sphere, he is a professor at PUCP since 2009, teaching since then several design courses and Workshops covering housing, city, and landscape themes. Recently, Andrés is also editor of the first edition of #untagged magazine, the collective housing publication of the MCH Master


esteoeste is founded in 2012 as a collaborative cloud of young architects allowing to create variable and reconfigurable working teams. It acts as a framework of professional and organizational support to the projects, covering the existing gap between the author, small scale practice, and the global big scale corporation. This allows to develop assignments with different programs and scales thinking architecture as a means and opportunity to change our physical living environments. At present it is directed by Andrés Solano, Ernesto Chumpitaz and Borja R. Menacho with offices in Lima and Barcelona.

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