Patrick Gmür, born in 1961 in Lucerne (Switzerland), is a Swiss architect and urbanist. 

He studied architecture at the ETH Zurich (Switzerland), and was assistant of design and construction for professor Karljosef Schattner and Arthur Rüegg.

Gmür has taught at universities, including ETH Zurich, TU Vienna (Austria), ETSAMadrid and as visiting professor at Sam Fox School at College of Architecture at Washington University in St. Louis (MO, USA).

Gmür also served as director of the Urban Planning Department of the City of Zurich (2009–2016). He developed and implemented regional spatial conceptual planning, including the revision of the Regional Development Plan and of the Building and Zoning Code, being responsible for urban design, city planning and architectural development of city zones and local area plans. 

Steib Gmür Geschwentner Kyburz
Patrick Gmür als lecturer at ETH Zurich
Workshop leader MCH2017
Housing Practice, Guest lecturer

Patrick Gmür- At MCH

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