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Hrvoje Njiriç, born in Zagreb in 1960 and graduated from the Architectural Faculty of the University of Zagreb (1986). Between 1979 and 1986 he went into a partnership with Helena Njiric in Zagreb and Graz. He has been Visiting Professor at the TU Graz, Austria, the AF Ljubljana, the Facolta di Architettura, Ferrara, Italy and at the ETSAM Madrid. He also was professor and head of the Institute for Architectural Typologies and Housing at the TU Graz (successor of Guenther Domenig).


Hrvoje Njiriç Workshop 2019

"FABRICATING HAPINESS. Kindness, Empathy and Well-being"

Workshop Leader: Hrvoje Njiriç
Assistant teacher: Esperanza Campaña

MCH Workshop Length: 5 days






The aim of the workshop is to foster students' understanding that housing is deeply embedded in its immediate and broader context. Therefore, it is necessary to regard collective residential typologies in relation to urbanistic issues.

In terms of architecture, it makes sense to observe the ever-changing social transformations and market trends when designing households. It does not matter if the floor plan is slim or deep...

These two aspects will mark our research – actual lack of territory and current housing demands.

Dugopolje business-park in Croatia will be our test-bed. Obscured by the planning bureaucracy and suffocated by the market economy, this sattelite of the City of Split offers a perfect exercise on how an urban sprawl could be regenerated as a lively neighbourhood, functioning 24/7 and promoting specific public space in its own right.

The workshop headline comes from the speech of the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern who spoke herself in favour of an emotional approach – whatever we do, even politics. Finally, this exercise should raise awareness that all our efforts will be, sooner or later, measured by how much love and passion we put in our labours. Period.


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Hrvoje Njiriç MCH Workshop was held in Madrid, from Monday 03rd to Friday 08th of March 2019.

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