Hrvoje Njiriç, born in Zagreb in 1960 and graduated from the Architectural Faculty of the University of Zagreb (1986). Between 1979 and 1986 he went into a partnership with Helena Njiric in Zagreb and Graz. He has been Visiting Professor at the TU Graz, Austria, the AF Ljubljana, the Facolta di Architettura, Ferrara, Italy and at the ETSAM Madrid. He also was professor and head of the Institute for Architectural Typologies and Housing at the TU Graz (successor of Guenther Domenig).


Hrvoje Njiriç - Projects

Rural Mat


Location: Zagreb, Croatia

Year: 2008

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By the Architects:

Another attempt to interpret the urban rules in order to avoid "the urban villa" syndrome. In a peaceful scenery of the former village of Markusevec which grew over the years to become a part of the city, the Russian client asked for a middle-class residential settlement. The general urban layout respects the rooted paths leading to the center of the village. The housing units are accumulated along these lines. A public playground is set as the terminal point on the other end of the route.

University Library

Architects: Njiric+arhitekti

Location:  Zadar, Croatia

Year: 2009

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By the Architects:

For njiric + arhitekti‘s library in ZadarCroatia, the team worked with interpreting the local context as a “conflict of two matrices – the urban and suburban in the east to the west.” The new library emerges at the crossroads of these two different zones. With emphasis on the erosion of public space and an explosion of new technologies, the library becomes a series of environments with access to different activities. In this way, the library becomes a host for different purposes, for instance, “the library = market = hotel = shopping. ” The Mediterranean variant for the library is based on the density and the interdependencies between the university building, student hostels, major public buildings, and the diverse landscape structure.

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